Vitality Netball Superleague


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2020 Vitality Netball Superleague



2020 VNSL League Statistics

PlayerTeamPositionGARIDPTNDC PtsAppearances
rsaSigrid BurgerPulseGoal Attack, Goal Shooter1241272071201013
ugaMary CholhokLightningGoal Attack, Goal Shooter14615450250993
walGeorgia RoweStarsGoal Shooter12212821252823
engEleanor CardwellEnglandGoal Attack, Goal Shooter125118321132804
ausKim CommaneBathGoal Attack, Goal Shooter13714930050763
ausKaryn BaileyStormGoal Attack, Goal Shooter127146180470754
engGeorge FisherMavericksGoal Attack, Goal Shooter899940070732
engRachel DunnEnglandGoal Shooter15817040030694
jamLatanya WilsonDragonsGoal Defence, Goal Keeper0121431817682
engRazia QuashieEnglandGoal Defence, Goal Keeper0021151815662
mwiLoreen NgwiraMalawiGoal Defence, Goal Keeper001210155614614
engHalimat AdioPulseGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense00131073522563
rsaZanele VimbelaSouth AfricaGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense0051193618543
engSophie Drakeford-LewisBathGoal Attack, Wing Attack566325190503
engEmma DoveyThunderGoal Defence, Goal Keeper0071294516464
engFunmi FadojuPulseGoal Defence, Goal Keeper003781510463
mwiJoyce MvulaMalawiGoal Attack, Goal Shooter101116803133464
mwiTowera VinkhumboMalawiGoal Defence, Goal Keeper006104379443
nzlChiara SemplePulseGoal Attack, Goal Shooter312510480433
engAmy ClintonDragonsGoal Attack, Goal Shooter779370150403
scoBethan GoodwinScotlandGoal Attack, Goal Shooter10312740150383
engSienna RushtonWaspsGoal Attack, Goal Shooter161020030362
engLeah MiddletonStormGoal Defence, Goal Keeper0064154417354
walBetsy CreakBathGoal Attack, Goal Shooter13600020302
engVicki OyesolaLightningGoal Defence, Wing Defense0011222301
engKadeen CorbinMavericksGoal Attack, Goal Shooter3442131114292
engFran WilliamsEnglandGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense0041185622294
engLorraine KowalewskaStormGoal Defence, Goal Keeper003782016294
walNia JonesStarsGoal Defence, Wing Defense00347414283
fijAdi BolakoroDragonsGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense00134136262
engAmy FlanaganWaspsCentre, Wing Defense00067217254
engHannah WilliamsLightningCentre, Wing Attack0002632253
scoClaire MaxwellScotlandCentre, Wing Defense001482113253
engTash PavelinBathGoal Defence, Wing Defense006532310243
engImogen AllisonBathCentre, Wing Defense0015348233
scoLynsey GallagherScotlandGoal Attack, Goal Shooter, Wing Attack5569103101213
engHannah KnightsWaspsGoal Defence, Goal Keeper005654011204
engKatie HarrisWaspsGoal Attack, Goal Shooter384310030183
engPaige ReedStarsGoal Attack, Goal Shooter415730461173
engAma AgbezeEnglandGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense00522191173
engElla ClarkLightningGoal Attack344120180163
scoNiamh McCallScotlandGoal Attack, Wing Attack7700231142
walSophie MorganDragonsGoal Attack, Wing Attack00006141143
engAbigail TyrrellDragonsGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense00315226133
engLindsay KeablePulseGoal Defence, Goal Keeper006443716133
nzlJo TripMavericksGoal Defence, Goal Keeper00422247122
ausAnnabel RoddyLightningGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense0001251122
engKathryn TurnerThunderGoal Attack, Goal Shooter283800570124
engAshleigh DekkerPulseCentre, Wing Attack00304210123
nirNiamh CooperNorthern IrelandCentre, Wing Attack, Wing Defense00054309114
nirMichelle DraynePulseCentre, Wing Attack00223233113
nirCaroline O’HanlonThunderCentre, Wing Attack00133212114
engLucy HarrisStarsCentre, Goal Attack, Wing Attack0020210103
engRebekah AireyThunderGoal Defence, Goal Keeper00123113104
jamAdean ThomasJamaicaCentre, Wing Attack, Wing Defense0001362103
engYasmin ParsonsStormCentre, Wing Attack0002417494
irlAnnie O’RourkeDragonsGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense000100191
engMia RitchieBathCentre, Wing Attack002104192
engAssaindey Olivia TchinePulseGoal Attack, Goal Shooter18241114193
ausNatalie BrightSirensGoal Defence, Wing Defense0013217783
engAlice HarveyLightningGoal Keeper0014337883
engKaty HughesStormGoal Defence, Goal Keeper00544551084
ausSamantha MayLightningGoal Defence, Goal Keeper0003431783
engShona O’DwyerDragonsCentre, Wing Attack0001312283
engBeth GabrielLightningGoal Attack, Goal Shooter110022073
engSummer ArtmanBathGoal Keeper0023120673
engYasmin Hodge-EnglandStormGoal Attack, Goal Shooter10170045073
ausTaylor CullenSirensCentre, Goal Defence, Wing Defense000022063
engMikki AustinStormCentre, Wing Attack, Wing Defense0002321364
walBethan DykeStarsCentre, Wing Attack0001318263
jamRebekah RobinsonDragonsGoal Attack, Goal Shooter273702112363
engBrittany ColemanDragonsGoal Attack, Goal Shooter29370001063
scoNicola McCleeryScotlandCentre, Wing Attack000026053
engJade ClarkeEnglandCentre, Wing Defense0001427254
nirFionnuala TonerNorthern IrelandCentre, Goal Defence, Wing Defense0003013353
engLaura MalcolmThunderCentre, Wing Attack, Wing Defense0023019354
engIona ChristianWaspsCentre, Goal Attack, Wing Attack0001213144
scoEmily NichollScotlandGoal Defence, Wing Defense0000213042
nzlLiana LeotaStarsCentre, Wing Attack000028043
engGeorgia LeesMavericksWing Attack000104132
ausAlexia BakerWaspsGoal Attack142202212334
engGabriella MarshallMavericksCentre, Wing Attack000209332
ausGia AbernethySirensCentre, Wing Attack, Wing Defense0011011023
engJasmin OdeogberinLightningGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense0001115113
rsaKhanyisa ChawaneSouth AfricaCentre, Wing Defense000107112
engDani McFarlaneMavericksGoal Defence, Wing Defense000000000
engJane TaylorStarsGoal Attack, Goal Shooter, Wing Attack000000000
ausAbigail RobsonBathCentre, Wing Defense000000000
engLaura RudlandBathGoal Attack, Wing Attack000000001
scoCerys CairnsSirensGoal Defence, Goal Keeper000000000
engAlima PriestStormGoal Defence, Goal Keeper000000000
engSophia CandappaWaspsCentre, Wing Attack000000000
nzlTamsin MoalaWaspsGoal Attack, Goal Shooter000000000
engLeah GossStormCentre, Wing Defense000000000
engHannah PassmoreBathGoal Attack, Goal Shooter000000000
engBethany DixWaspsCentre, Wing Attack000000000
engNicole HumphrysStormCentre, Wing Defense000000000
engAlly HousleyWaspsGoal Defence, Wing Defense000000000
engHannah LeightonWaspsGoal Defence, Goal Keeper000000000
engCharlotte CurtisStormGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense000000000
engLois PearsonThunderGoal Attack, Wing Attack000000000
engHannah HowlStarsGoal Defence, Goal Keeper000000000
walEleri Creys MichaelDragonsCentre, Wing Defense000000000
engMonique ThompsonPulseGoal Attack, Wing Attack000000000
engEmma ThackerPulseGoal Attack, Goal Shooter000000000
engEllie RattuPulseCentre, Goal Defence, Wing Defense000000000
engZara EverittPulseGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense000000000
walLucy HowellsDragonsGoal Defence, Goal Keeper000000000
walRhian EvansDragonsGoal Attack, Goal Shooter000000000
scoLaura BurtonDragonsCentre, Wing Attack, Wing Defense000000000
engLucy ParizeLightningGoal Attack, Goal Shooter000000001
scoSarah MacphailScotlandCentre, Goal Defence, Wing Defense000000000
scoLauren TaitScotlandGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense000000000
scoKelly BoyleScotlandCentre, Wing Attack000000000
scoEmma BarrieScotlandGoal Shooter000000000
engNatalie PanagarryEnglandCentre, Wing Defense000000001
engEboni Usoro-BrownEnglandGoal Defence, Goal Keeper000000000
engJodie GibsonEnglandGoal Defence, Goal Keeper000000000
engHannah JosephLightningCentre, Wing Attack000000000
engSuzie LiverseidgeLightningCentre, Goal Attack, Wing Attack000000000
engRachel FeeBathGoal Defence, Goal Keeper000000000
engElia McCormickThunderGoal Defence, Goal Keeper, Wing Defense000000000
engBerri NeilThunderGoal Attack, Goal Shooter000000000
engEllie GibbonsStarsGoal Attack, Wing Attack000000000
engChloe CubelloStarsGoal Defence, Goal Keeper000000000
engAlicia ScholesThunderCentre, Wing Attack000000000
engChloe CarchrieStarsCentre, Wing Attack000000000
engElla Carly StandringThunderCentre, Wing Defense000000000
engPaige McCallaMavericksGoal Attack, Goal Shooter000000000
engBeth Ecuyer-DaleMavericksCentre, Wing Attack, Wing Defense000000000
ausAshleigh NealThunderCentre, Goal Attack, Wing Attack0000030-14
engRachel ShawBathGoal Attack, Wing Attack0001196-23
engEmily GulvinStormCentre, Wing Attack0000061-24
engElla Powell-DaviesStarsGoal Defence, Wing Defense00300240-23
engLauren NichollsLightningCentre, Goal Defence, Wing Defense0000020-21
engLucy HerdmanStarsGoal Attack, Goal Shooter1300111-21
engSasha CorbinMavericksCentre, Wing Attack00010121-22
gbrAliyah ZaranyikaMavericksGoal Defence, Wing Defense0000030-31
engKira RothwellPulseGoal Attack, Wing Attack0100010-32
engPaige KindredDragonsGoal Defence, Wing Defense00011176-43
engAmy CarterThunderCentre, Wing Defense028268187-44
engStephanie CollardMavericksCentre, Wing Attack0000011-41
engSophie HankinStormGoal Attack, Wing Attack4572402131-44
engChloe EssamMavericksGoal Attack, Goal Shooter0100000-51
engJosie HuckleWaspsGoal Defence, Goal Keeper0000060-61
engEllie KelkStormGoal Attack, Goal Shooter71100000-61
engJessica ShawLightningCentre, Wing Attack00000150-82


2020 Vitality Netball Superleague

DateEventTime/ResultsVenueArticleMatch Day
Arena BirminghamRound 1
Arena BirminghamRound 1
Arena BirminghamRound 1
Arena BirminghamRound 1
Arena BirminghamRound 1
Viola ArenaRound 2
University of Worcester ArenaRound 2
Sir David Wallace ArenaRound 2
Surrey Sports ParkRound 2
Ricoh ArenaRound 3
Emirates ArenaRound 3
Team Bath ArenaRound 3
Hertfordshire Sports VillageRound 3
Belle VueRound 3
Copperbox ArenaRound 3
University of Worcester ArenaRound 4
Surrey Sports ParkRound 4
Sports Wales National CentreRound 4
Sir David Wallace ArenaRound 4
Team Bath ArenaRound 4
Emirates ArenaRound 5
University of Essex ArenaRound 5
Belle VueRound 5
Gloucester UniversityRound 5
Ricoh ArenaRound 5
Sir David Wallace ArenaRound 6
Surrey Sports ParkRound 6
Copperbox ArenaRound 6
Team Bath ArenaRound 6
Sports Wales National CentreRound 6
Belle VueRound 7
Sir David Wallace ArenaRound 7
University of WarwickRound 7
Gloucester UniversityRound 7
Hertfordshire Sports VillageRound 7
Copperbox ArenaRound 8
Sir David Wallace ArenaRound 8
Emirates ArenaRound 8
Team Bath ArenaRound 8
Surrey Sports ParkRound 8
Viola ArenaRound 8
Hertfordshire Sports VillageRound 9
Sir David Wallace ArenaRound 9
Sir David Wallace ArenaRound 9
Surrey Sports ParkRound 9
University of WarwickRound 9
Belle VueRound 10
Copperbox ArenaRound 10
Team Bath ArenaRound 10
Emirates ArenaRound 10
Cardiff Met UniversityRound 10
University of Essex ArenaRound 11
Copperbox ArenaRound 11
Emirates ArenaRound 11
Belle VueRound 11
Team Bath ArenaRound 11
Sports Wales National CentreRound 12
Gloucester UniversityRound 12
Sir David Wallace ArenaRound 12
Surrey Sports ParkRound 12
Ricoh ArenaRound 12
Emirates ArenaRound 13
Belle VueRound 13
University of WarwickRound 13
Copperbox ArenaRound 13
Marshall ArenaRound 13
Surrey Sports ParkRound 14
Team Bath ArenaRound 14
Copperbox ArenaRound 14
Sports Wales National CentreRound 15
Sir David Wallace ArenaRound 14
Emirates ArenaRound 15
Hertfordshire Sports VillageRound 15
University of Worcester ArenaRound 15
University of WarwickRound 15
Belle VueRound 15
Emirates ArenaRound 16
Sports Wales National CentreRound 16
Copperbox ArenaRound 16
Surrey Sports ParkRound 16
Team Bath ArenaRound 16
Belle VueRound 17
Gloucester UniversityRound 17
University of WarwickRound 17
Hertfordshire Sports VillageRound 17
Sports Wales National CentreRound 18
Belle VueRound 18
Copperbox ArenaRound 18
Emirates ArenaRound 18
Team Bath ArenaRound 18
Gloucester UniversityRound 19
Sir David Wallace ArenaRound 19
University of WarwickRound 19
University of Essex ArenaRound 19
Surrey Sports ParkRound 19