Top 20 players over 30: #3 Serena Guthrie

THERE are a host of international players across the world that, much like a fine wine, have simply gotten better with age. With netball on hold due to the COVID-19 outbreak, Draft Central takes a look at players that fall into the category of over 30 and still have plenty in the tank given their on-court prowess. In at number three is England Roses and Team Bath star, Serena Guthrie.

Arguably one of the most outstanding talents in the netball world, Serena Guthrie is a workhorse and stellar athlete with an ability to outrun almost anyone and look relaxed while she’s doing it. Guthrie chose the right time to take a break from international netball at the end of 2019 and leading into 2020 given the pandemic, but regardless of her pressing pause on her netball career for the time being, there is no doubt that the speedy midcourt-defender would be able to jump on the court and cause as much havoc as ever once she returns. 

With threatening speed, agility and endurance, Guthrie is one of those unpredictable players who can time and time again create something out of nothing, such is her athletic skill and ability to double and triple her effort and output under pressure. With long arms to snag the loose ball and create turnovers with ease, Guthrie is a constant impact-player, providing crucial links both up and down the court and plying her trade wherever she is required. Guthrie is unbelievable to watch, using her quick feet and read of the play to be a consistent threat through the centre for both the England Roses and Team Bath.

Typically playing out in centre, Guthrie uses her defensive nous to find prime position on the goal circle to turnover ball down back, while also able to have an impact feeding into the circle thanks to her ability to adapt her gamestyle to the situation at hand and two-way running to constantly be a backup option across the court. Along with her athletic ability comes her daring aerial skill, using her speed to propel herself off the court to create impossible intercepts, and leaping into the path of her opposition. It is Guthrie’s fearless approach to the game and willingness to throw her body on the line that sets her apart, unafraid of the contest and usually quick enough to evade the whistle.

Only just making the cut for this list having only turned 30 in January, it is a testament to Guthrie’s longevity that she has racked up the 98 caps for England already, consistently providing a threat on court with her ability to switch on the gears and just go, go, go. While not the cleanest player on the court thanks to her formidable approach to the contest, Guthrie typically is very good at picking her battles and forms a crucial part of the England Roses squad with her hands-over pressure and cherry-picking doing wonders to back up the likes of Geva Mentor and Layla Guscoth in defence.


#20 Stacey Francis (West Coast Fever/England)
#19 Laura Scherian (Sunshine Coast Lightning/Australia)
#18 Ama Agbeze (Severn Stars/England)
#17 Phumza Maweni (Sunshine Coast Lightning/South Africa)
#16 Jade Clarke (Wasps Netball/England)
#15 Chelsea Pitman (Adelaide Thunderbirds/England)

#14 Romelda Aiken (Queensland Firebirds/Jamaica)
#13 Madi Browne (Collingwood Magpies/Australia)
#12 Nat Medhurst (Collingwood Magpies/Australia)

#11 Mwai Kumwenda (Melbourne Vixens/Malawi)
#10 Caitlin Thwaites (Melbourne Vixens/Australia)
#9 Jo Harten (GIANTS Netball/England)

#8 Jane Watson (Mainland Tactix/New Zealand)
#7 Caitlin Bassett (GIANTS Netball/Australia)
#6 Jhaniele Fowler (West Coast Fever/Jamaica)
#5 Geva Mentor (Collingwood Magpies/England)
#4 Katrina Rore (Central Pulse/New Zealand)
#3 Serena Guthrie (Team Bath/England)

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