Queensland Firebirds

THE Firebirds have made a name for themselves claiming three premierships in the ANZ Championships and once again finding themselves at the top of the table in the Suncorp Super Netball league. Queensland has an all-star team with Jamaican shooting star, Romelda Aiken at the reins along with her partner in crime Gretel Tippett owning the goal circle. They have plenty of experience along with some gun youngsters that have proved they could be the key to the future for the Firebirds. Queensland is never far off the pace and with minimal changeover apart from star goal keeper Laura Geitz retiring they could be up the top once again.

Queensland Firebirds 2019

1samAbigail Latu-MeafouGoal Attack, Goal Shooter546616322000610
2ausAmy SommervilleGoal Attack, Goal Shooter14201200120014
3ausCaitlyn NevinsWing Attack002190278334253428
4ausGabi SimpsonWing Defense00503910244311820
5ausGretel BuetaGoal Attack394411131103252256126478
6ausJemma Mi MiCentre, Wing Attack, Wing Defense001160662106118947
7ausKim JennerGoal Defence, Goal Keeper0008461105922813
8ausLaura ClemeshaGoal Keeper00060013181090
9rsaLenize PotgieterGoal Attack, Goal Shooter107120153025011314
10ausMacy GardnerCentre, Wing Attack002006262083
11ausMaddie HinchliffeWing Defense0000000171
12ausMahalia CassidyCentre, Wing Attack006803100283715
13jamRomelda AikenGoal Shooter2462903425046395140
14ausTara HinchliffeGoal Defence, Goal Keeper00012271224620613
15ausTippah DwanGoal Attack0000000000

2019 Suncorp Super Netball Ladder