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Opinion: Which teams in the SSN will benefit from the Super Shot?

IN light of the introduction of the Suncorp Super Netball “Super Shot” Draft Central casts an eye over which team will benefit from the new rule and which teams may struggle. The Super Shot allows goalers in the last five minutes of each quarter to earn double the points if they can sink them from beyond the designated 3 metre arc. 

Adelaide Thunderbirds:

The new attacking end will have their work cut out for them this season boasting a very different line-up to last year. Headlined by Lenize Potgieter the Thunderbirds will be relying on the South African shooting sensation to lead the way under the post. The Tbirds could be disadvantaged with the new rule given Potgieter, Samantha Gooden and Charlee Hodges do most of their damage from close to the post. However the possible return of Sasha Glasgow could provide some relief with the goal shooter confident from range. The Thunderbirds would be wishing that the Super Shot rule was introduced last year with the now retired, long bomb specialist Maria Folau at their disposal. 

Collingwood Magpies:

Relying heavily on Shimona Nelson under the post the Magpies may have a difficult 2020 season given the close range in which the goal shooter does her damage. Nelson came along in leaps and bounds in season 2019 and will be looking to elevate her game once again this season and will more than likely be the spearhead for the Magpies attack end. Newbie Julia Woolley has proven at Victoria Netball League (VNL) level that she can shoot from anywhere and could be a key prospect for the Magpies when it comes to the Super Shot. Although more comfortable on the mid-range shot, Woolley can shoot from the perimeter while Gabby Sinclair is also another possibility to wreak havoc in the final five minutes of the quarter. 

GIANTS Netball:

It will be a good combination of long bomb and close range shooting with the two GIANTS goalers possessing very different styles. Although both renowned for their holding style of play, England Roses goaler Jo Harten is accustomed to the long bomb, able to rock back on the shot and score. Able to shoot from both under the post and perimeter it will be up to Harten to deliver from further out in the final five minutes of the quarter to try and give the GIANTS that competitive edge. While Caitlin Bassett is dominant under the post, able to put up a wealth of shots she does not venture far out from her comfort zone meaning the Super Shot scoring will lie heavily on Harten and potentially youngster Kiera Austin. Although Austin does not get a wealth of court time in the goal circle she has proven that she can come on and have an impact with her ability to back herself from mid-range. 

Melbourne Vixens:

Renowned for their long bomb shooting thanks to the likes of Caitlin Thwaites and Tegan Philip the Melbourne Vixens are in good stead with the introduction of the Super Shot. Both goalers have continuously proven that they can shoot from just about anywhere in the circle with their composure and skill on constant display. Thwaites while strong under the post is equally as damaging from close to the perimeter and while Philip is more commonly known for her baseline drives and mid-range shots she is not afraid to back herself from range, making the Vixens a real threat in 2020. Although Malawian goal shooter, Mwai Kumwenda is not known for her long range shooting she can rely on the likes of Thwaites and Philip to steer the ship from distance and can focus on delivering from under the post.  

NSW Swifts:

Another team in a strong position with the new rule is the Swifts with England Roses goal attack Helen Housby a commanding presence close to circle edge. Although more comfortable with her mid-range shooting, Housby can sink them from distance and deliver, potentially making her the go to girl in the latter half of the quarters. Sophie Garbin is another option that can shoot from further out and while it is not her go to shot, her ability to stand up and deliver could make her an interesting prospect for the Swifts in the dying minutes of the quarter. Trinidad and Tobago goal shooter Sam Wallace is renowned for her skill and strength directly under the post but may have to look at broadening her range to suit the SSN rule change. 

Queensland Firebirds:

There is no denying that the Firebirds game plan centres around Romelda Aiken and Gretel Bueta who are both recognised for their close range shooting. Aiken is arguably one of the most formidable goal shooters in the competition with her aerial presence, long splits and high volume of shots. The only downside being the majority of her goals come from directly under the post, placing a wealth of pressure on the Firebirds attack unit to generate more scoring opportunities. Coming from a basketball background Bueta is used to shooting from distance but on the netball court the dynamic goaler opts to edge closer to the post. Although she has proven over time that she can convert from further out many are used to Bueta doing the most damage from a metre or so under the post. The inclusion of Ine-Mari Venter may provide that element of long range shooting that could benefit the Firebirds when it comes to converting on the Super Shot. 

Sunshine Coast Lightning:

After a breakout season last year Cara Koenen will be hoping to go even bigger this season to really leave a mark on the competition. While she is most comfortable under the post and does most of her scoring from there, the Sunshine Coast local can shoot from mid-range, making her a viable option when it comes to the two point shot. However, the Lightning are well placed having the likes of Australian Diamonds goaler Steph Wood who is able to carry the load when it comes to shooting from further out. Wood is no slouch in the goal circle, able to shoot from just about anywhere and use her turn of speed to receive the ball and goal. Rounding out the shooting options for the Lightning is Ugandan goaler Peace Proscovia, while typically known for her holding role under the post, she might have to get on the move more in 2020 to create additional scoring chances.

West Coast Fever:

With Jhaniele Fowler the go-to-girl, West Coast might have to shake-up their game plan for the 2020 season in order to benefit from the Super Shot. The towering goal shooter is prominent under the post able to shoot quickly, accurately and at a high volume. But with most of Fever’s goals coming from within a metre or so of the ring, the Fever might have to look to Alice Teague-Neeld and Kaylia Stanton more often to capitalise on the two point shot. Stanton can shoot from further out  while Teague-Neeld hardly puts up a shot instead proving to be a playmaker in the attacking third with her quick hands and vision into the circle. While accuracy can be an issue for both Stanton and Teague-Neeld at times the new rule could cause a few headaches for the Fever in 2020 with the team in green potentially forced to stray from their usual game play of turn and deliver to Fowler under the post.

2020 SSN: Season preview- Adelaide Thunderbirds

AFTER an extended break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Suncorp Super Netball (SSN) season is set to commence on August 1. Draft Central takes a look at each team, starting off with the Adelaide Thunderbirds. 

Coach: Tania Obst
Captain: Layla Guscoth and Chelsea Pitman
2019 finish: 7th 

Breaking their 27 game losing streak in Round 1 against the Fever last year, the Thunderbirds seemed to uncover a new lease on life attacking the ball with intensity. Unfortunately they could not maintain that style of play throughout the season only notching up two more wins. Riddled with injuries, England Roses midcourter Beth Cobden was ruled out early with an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injury and co-captain Layla Guscoth missed the second half of the season after rupturing her Achilles. Sasha Glasgow also went down late in the season with an ACL topping off what had been a trying season for the Thunderbirds. They will be keen to put that to bed in 2020 and put their foot down. Adelaide well and truly proved they have the defensive firepower to change the course of the game, something they will be hoping to build on this season to register more wins. 

2020 predictions/expectations:

With the key loss and retirement of long bomb specialist Maria Folau and uncertainty surrounding Glasgow’s return the Thunderbirds shooting end oozes plenty of youth and inexperience when it comes to connections. Welcoming quickfire goal shooter and Spar Proteas star Lenize Potgieter the Thunderbirds attack will rely heavily on her to deliver while the likes of Samantha Gooden and Charlee Hodges will also have a challenge on their hands stepping into a new-look side. The midcourt remains relatively unchanged with Chelsea Pitman the key through the attacking third with her clever ball placement, speed on the pass, strong circle edge positioning and vision into the circle. Her output will be key to ensuring the goalers get good access. Defensively Adelaide are littered with ball winners, none bigger than Shamera Sterling. The Jamaican goal keeper took the competition by storm last year, using her long arms, speed off the mark and pressure over the shot to win ball back and cause havoc. The versatility of Kate Shimmin also worked wonders for the Thunderbirds while Shadine van der Merwe also slotted into the team seamlessly with her hands over pressure and strength to swing into circle defence or wing defence. The return of Guscoth will also be huge for the Thunderbirds with the England Roses representative able to have an impact with her calming nature, skill to win ball back and tagging style of play. 

Key player to watch:

New to the Thunderbirds this season, Potgieter is a real playmaker and staple hold under the post for any team. She is quick on her feet, able to change up the angles in an instant and more importantly score quickly and accurately. Having played with the Steel in the ANZ Premiership last season and spending time with the Queensland Firebirds midseason the Proteas goal shooter is well aware of what it takes to perform at SSN level. She is unfazed by the physical nature of the game, instead relying on her strong holds, baseline drives and range to do all the talking. She is an exciting prospect for the Thunderbirds this season given it will be her first full SSN season and has proven time and time again on the international stage that she is a true competitor, able to read the play and command the ball. 

Team list:

Sasha Glasgow
Samantha Gooden
Layla Guscoth
Charlee Hodges
Maisie Nankivell
Hannah Petty
Chelsea Pitman
Lenize Potgieter
Kate Shimmin
Shamera Sterling
Shadine van der Merwe

Adelaide Thunderbirds snatch up Victorian Samantha Gooden for 2020

THE Adelaide Thunderbirds have bolstered their shooting line-up with the addition of Samantha Gooden as a permanent replacement player for the 2020 Suncorp Super Netball season. Having lost Maria Folau at the end of 2019 and youngster Sasha Glasgow suffering a devastating ACL injury towards the latter half of the season the Thunderbirds were in dire need of more shooting power. Cody Lange also opted to take time away from the game leaving the Tbirds in the lurch, but the inclusion of Gooden will help to add some depth to their shooting trio.

Adelaide recruited shooting sensation and SPAR Proteas goaler, Lenize Potgieter who spent some time out in Australia joining the Queensland Firebirds in 2019 while Romelda Aiken was injured. Potgieter will have a different challenge heading into the 2020 season as a key cog to shoulder the load in attack, coming into the team as the most experienced shooter making her a key pickup for the new Thunderbirds line-up.

Gooden has spent time with Victorian teams Collingwood Magpies and Melbourne Vixens as a training partner throughout her career, meaning she is well aware of the measures necessary to perform on the Super Netball stage. The young Victorian can switch between shooter and attack making her an exciting prospect amongst the likes of Potgieter and Charlee Hodges. The Thunderbirds will be hoping to better their performance from last year with the return of some key players and consolidation of new combinations across the court.

Shamera Sterling
Hannah Petty
Kate Shimmin
Sasha Glasgow
Cody Lange
Chelsea Pitman
Layla Guscoth
Maisie Nankivell
Shadine van der Merwe
Lenize Potgieter
Samantha Gooden **permanent injury replacement
Charlee Hodges

Caitlin Bassett
Jamie-Lee Price
Jo Harten
Matilda McDonell
Teigan O’Shannassy
Kiera Austin
Sam Poolman
Kristiana Manu’a
Amy Parmenter
Madeline Hay

Ash Brazill
Geva Mentor
Molly Jovic* injury replacement for Kelsey Browne
Matilda Garrett
Nat Medhurst
Shimona Nelson
Gabrielle Sinclair
Melissa Bragg
Madi Browne
Jodi-Ann Ward

Emily Mannix
Kate Moloney
Liz Watson
Jo Weston
Kadie-Ann Dehaney
Caitlin Thwaites
Tegan Philip
Kate Eddy
Mwai Kumwenda
Tayla Honey

Sophie Garbin
Maddy Proud
Maddy Turner
Sam Wallace
Helen Housby
Lauren Moore
Paige Hadley
Nat Haythornthwaite
Sarah Klau
Kayla Cullen

Gabi Simpson
Gretel Tippett
Kim Jenner
Tara Hinchliffe
Romelda Aiken
Ine-Mari Venter
Rudi Ellis
Jemma Mi Mi
Macy Gardner
Lara Dunkley* injury replacement for Mahalia Cassidy

Laura Scherian
Cara Koenen
Steph Wood
Annika Lee-Jones
Peace Proscovia
Phumza Maweni
Karla Pretorius
Maddy McAuliffe
Laura Langman
Jacqui Russell

Alice Teague-Neeld
Courtney Bruce
Ingrid Colyer
Jess Anstiss
Jhaniele Fowler
Olivia Lewis
Shannon Eagland
Stacey Francis
Verity Charles
Kaylia Stanton

Victorian Netball League Review: Round 18

THE final round of Victorian Netball League (VNL) action saw some of the top four teams claim convincing wins and showcase their dominance heading into the finals. The Ariels claimed a surprise win to end their season on a high, while there were some welcomed returns with key players making their way back into the side.

Casey Demons (57) defeated by Geelong Cougars (70)

The Geelong Cougars proved too strong for the Demons who struggled to combat the offensive pressure applied by the Cougars. Geelong made the most of their opportunities across the court attacking the contest hard and working their way through traffic to find an opening and deliver the ball well. Casey held a one goal lead at quarter time showcasing how much was at stake before the Cougars piled on the goals in the second term with a 21-10 term. From there on the Cougars kicked into gear and could not be stopped with Julia Woolley shifting into a league of her own while Ruby Horton and Bridgette Furphy left their mark on the scoreboard. Through the midcourt, Casey were led by Shannon Blackman and Kassidy Withers but for Geelong the likes of Emily Post and Vanessa Augustini did the heavy lifting in attack. Emma Ryde and Erin Bell posed an ominous threat sitting at a combined 91 per cent accuracy but just could not get enough ball to hit the scoreboard.

North-East Blaze (58) defeated Hawks Netball (38)

A 20 goal drubbing highlighted the ability of North East Blaze to capitalise on weaker opponents and put out a solid four quarter performance to surge their way into finals in style. Blaze got off to a flying start not missing a single shot, piling on 17 shots compared to the Hawks who only managed 69 percent accuracy in the opening term. The Hawks struggled to win back ball with Blaze extending their lead at each break. Goal shooter Elizabeth Nicol impressed throughout the match with her strong holds and ability to find the net with ease time and time again. She partnered well with Taylor Bronwyn who was not afraid to turn and shoot while Ella Bayliss was a real workhorse through the centre third delivering the ball into Nicol and Bronwyn. Kaitlyn Black and Georgia Bowkett were impressive down in defence working hard to win ball and cause turnovers to propel the ball back down the court. For the Hawks, Shae Gee and Tayla Shannon worked well together to rotate through the circle and put up shots.

Peninsula Waves (45) defeated by Southern Saints (50)

It was a heartbreaking loss for the Waves who led for three quarters but failed to run out the match, faulting in the final term. The Saints piled on 15 goals to six in the last quarter highlighting their ability to prevail in tight games and capitalise under pressure. The Southern Saints shooting percentage was an impressive 90 per cent compared to the Waves who only managed 75 per cent. Ella Quinlan, Samantha Silvester and Chloe Wilson all battled hard in the circle for prime position under the post with all three hitting the scoreboard. The goal circle was intense with the Saints shooters going toe to toe with the Waves’ defenders Tara Cecil and Mardi Cunningham. Through the midcourt for the Waves Madison Capsalis and Kate Kelly-Oman found their groove reading the play and creating space for one another to drive into while delivering good passes into Gabrielle Dwyer and Madeline Morrison. But the last stage efforts of the Saints defenders Shannon Freeman and Kirsty Clarke in the last quarter is what got them over the line credit to the defensive duo winning the back ball.

Melbourne University Lightning (59) defeated by Ariels (61)

In a relatively disappointing season for the Ariels sitting at the bottom of the ladder and only claiming their fourth win for the season, they went out on a high leaving everything out on the court. The three-goal victory was hard fought with the lead chopping and changing throughout the course of the match. It was an even match with both sides competing hard and searching for that sense of control and rhythm across the court in hope to gain some momentum but in the end the Ariels fought it out. Down at half time they turned the tables credit to an increased defensive effort from the likes of Shae Kyle, Jessica Maher and Jane Higgs. Up the other end for the Ariels Samantha Gooden and Stacey Gannon worked the ball around the circle to Kourtnee Baird and Montana Holmes to edge closer to goal and capitalise on their chances. Mikaela Vaughan and Rebecca Winch were off to a hot start while Kelsie Rainbow did a wealth of work to get the ball to circle edge and deliver it in to the Lightning shooters.

City West Falcons (69) defeated Boroondara Express (36)

The City West Falcons marched into the finals with a convincing performance against Boroondara Express who struggled from the get-go. The Falcons were clinical both in attack and defence making the most of their chances and punishing Express for any errors. City West was on from the first whistle showcasing their ball speed and clever placement to poke holes in the Express defence. Tharjini Sivalingam returned to the side after featuring in the World Cup for Sri Lanka and she continued from where she left off finding good space in the circle and converting. Her partnership with Madelyn Gray was impressive while Jane Cook also played her role, going to post and commanding the ball for the Falcons. Once again the defensive duo of Zoe Davies and Sarah Szczykulski was formidable with the two forcing turnovers and creating doubt in their opponents minds. Clare Vearing was her usual self under the post for Boroondara with Isabelle Hodgson also featuring heavily in the first half. Defensively Express struggled to combat the attacking prowess of City West with Isabella Brown and Caitlyn Degaris doing a wealth of work for minimal reward.

Victorian Netball League Review: Round 17

WITH Round 17 done and dusted the race for finals is well and truly on. This round had a profound impact on finals with the Southern Saints knocked out of contention, meaning the top four has been finalised with City West Falcons, Geelong Cougars, North East Blaze and Casey Demons all securing a spot in the top four.

Southern Saints (52) defeated by Melbourne University Lightning (61)

Melbourne University Lightning notched up their sixth win of the season with a nine-goal victory over the Southern Saints. Lightning skipped out to an early lead, piling on 18 goals to seven in the opening term and continued that strong form for the remaining three quarters to keep their foot on the throat of the Saints. Melbourne Uni were patient with ball in hand to work the ball down the court while the Saints worked tirelessly in defence to try and limit their opposition access into the circle. Stephanie McNay and Kirsty Clark stood tall in defeat given the amount of pressure down in defence while Lightning defenders Gabrielle Coffey and Madeline Stewart impressed. Both sides shot at even percentage with the Saints edging ahead at 83 per cent compared to 81 per cent. Mikaela Vaughan and Jordan Cransberg combined nicely in attack finding good space and working the angles well to avoid intercepts and deflections from their opposition. Hayley McDougall was solid under the post putting up her fair share of shots for Lightning while Shae Brown showed her versatility to switch between centre and goal attack throughout the match. The connection between Samantha Silvester, Chloe Wilson, Ella Quinlan and Sinead Lumsden was on show once again for the Saints with all four posing a dominant threat around the circle given their ability to sight one another on the lead and let the ball go with confidence.

Boroondara Express (57) defeated Hawks Netball (48)

The Hawks’ up and down season continued, going down to Boroondara Express by nine goals. Up by one goal at half-time, Express rallied in the second half to put on a dominant performance adding 36 goals to their tally compared to 28. Boroondara showed great intensity and desperation in the second half winning the ball in the air and chasing the loose ball to capitalise on their opportunities. Accuracy proved to be no issue for either side with Express sitting at 91 per cent credit to Clare Vearing, Isabelle Hodgson and Anastasia Hamill making the most of their chances under the post while Hawks converted 48 of their 56 attempts at 86 per cent, with key target Kim Commane missing from the court. The combination between Shae Gee and Taylah Shannon was on song early with both finding good space in the circle but it was not enough to get them over the line with Tayla Kearns and Enya Broadley struggling to bring the ball down the court at times. Defensively Express were strong thanks to Caitlyn Degaris and Isabella Brown picking off passes and applying strong pressure to create turnovers in the circle. Up the other end, Hawks defender Kelsey Buxton worked relentlessly to contest every ball and confuse space in the goal circle but Express worked their way through and capitalised.

Ariels (58) defeated by City West Falcons (75)

After a shock loss last week, the City West Falcons worked their way back onto the winners list to claim their sixteenth victory of the season. The Falcons got out to an early lead and did not look back, increasing their lead at each break to run out 17-goal victors. Although the Ariels did not come away with the win they made the most of their opportunities in the goal circle, sitting at 91 per cent accuracy and sinking 58 of their 64 attempts compared to the Falcons’ 84 per cent. Samantha Gooden, Stacey Gannon and Beth Wilson all had an impact on the scoreboard for the Ariels, showcasing their ability to turn and shoot from anywhere in the circle. Through the midcourt Kourtnee Baird and Montana Holmes ran hard to create space and transition down the court. For the Falcons, Jane Cook did a wealth of work under the post to hold her space and shoot. Cook relished the work of midcourt players Molly Jovic and Maggie Lind who delivered the ball with precision and hit the circle hard. With the attack end firing on all cylinders the defensive duo of Zoe Davies and Sarah Szczykulski was unstoppable, continuously sticking to their respective player, contesting every ball and confusing the space to cause turnovers and propel the ball back up the court.

North East Blaze (51) defeated by Geelong Cougars (59)

In the battle of two versus three it was the Geelong Cougars that ran away with the win credit to their desperation and strong structures to stand up under pressure and work their way through the pressure. It was a see-sawing affair with momentum swinging between Blaze and the Cougars, with Geelong claiming the early ascendancy to be up by two goals at quarter time. They maintained that temperament and composure to extend their lead at half time to a four goal buffer, with the biggest lead at three quarter time pushing out to 10 goals. Blaze worked hard to keep themselves in it, reducing the margin to eight at full-time, but it was the Cougars’ defence that consistently stood up with Brooke Allan, Jessica Standfield and Victoria Honner getting hands to ball time and time again. The circle rotation in the attack end was second to none for the Cougars with Ruby Horton, Julia Woolley and Bridgette Furphy all combining effortlessly and scoring with ease at 86 per cent. Their shooting prowess was not to be outdone, with North East capitalising under the post at 88 per cent credit to Elizabeth Nicol and Bronwyn Taylor using their drives and quick footwork to edge closer the post. The midcourt battle created plenty of interest for both sides with Ella Bayliss and Elle McDonald playing their role, driving hard and feeding well into the circle while Vanessa Augustini and Melissa Bragg stood up for the Cougars when needed to win ball and create clever plays across the court.

Peninsula Waves (40) defeated by Casey Demons (61)

The Demons made easy work of the Waves who struggled to combat the offensive pressure applied by Casey. The win all but secured Casey’s spot in the finals, going two games clear of their closest opponent. Casey came out with great intent and hunger to win the ball right across the court, attacking any loose passes and clogging up space in the attacking end for Peninsula. At half time the Demons all but doubled their opponents’ score, heading into the main break up by 16 goals with the lead growing at each change. Once again the combination of Emma Ryde and Erin Bell caused headaches with the Waves unable to limit their influence to post, finding the net with relative ease. The ball placement from Kassidy Withers and Christie Hillberg was impressive, delivering well weighted and pinpoint passes into the circle to make it hard for Waves defenders Mardi Cunningham and Tara Cecil to disrupt their attacking flow. Gabrielle Dwyer, Sacha McDonald and Stacie Gardiner all worked tirelessly in the goal circle to create space for one another and score but they did not receive enough of the ball to put up a competitive total.

Victorian Netball League Review: Round 16

ROUND 16 of the Victorian Netball League saw the City West Falcons lose their first game of the season, while the Casey Demons and Geelong Cougars both recorded big wins against their opponents.

Hawks Netball (51) defeated Peninsula Waves (41)

It was an even start with both sides unable to be separated at quarter time before the Hawks kicked into gear finding some form down the court. They increased the lead at each break running out 10-goal victors against the Waves. The Hawks shooters were on song throughout the match unfazed by the changes in the goal circle with Kim Commane and Tayla Shannon shooting at a combined 92 percent. Shae Gee was also impressive under the post with the total of all three goalers sitting at 83 per cent for the match. Tayla Kearns and Enya Broadley were pivotal through the midcourt to feed the ball into the shooters. For the Waves, Kate Kelly-Oman played her 100th VNL game credit to her endurance and skill. The centre worked tirelessly to combat the Hawks pressure driving hard across the court and creating solid leads. Though their shooting accuracy was down Gabrielle Dwyer and Brierly Parker were solid in the goal circle but just struggled to capitalise on their opportunities. Tara Cecil and Mardi Cunningham worked hard in defence to try and regain possession for the Waves but it was not enough.

Casey Demons (60) defeated Southern Saints (48)

The Casey Demons notched up their ninth win of the season, securing fourth spot on the ladder with the finals quickly approaching. Holding a narrow lead at quarter time the Casey Demons came out with a point to prove in the second term piling on 16 goals and limiting the Saints to 11 for the quarter. A big third quarter effort all but sealed the deal with Emma Ryde and Erin Bell working seamlessly together in the goal circle to cause havoc in the attacking third. Stephanie McNay and Shannon Freeman had a big task to quell the influence of Ryde who has been in hot form and though they tried tirelessly they were unable to stop her dominance under the post. Kassidy Withers and Shannon Blackman made the most of the space they got, delivering well weighted passes into Bell and Ryde. Defensively Karli Foster and Demi Woodlock were solid restricting ball and creating doubt. Southern Saints pair Samantha Silvester and Chloe Wilson worked well in tandem together, shooting accurately and finding space in the goal circle.

City West Falcons (47) defeated North-East Blaze (56)

The North-East Blaze claimed the biggest upset of the round, putting a stop to the Falcons undefeated run. It was a close contest with both sides even at half time before Blaze piled on a whopping 20 goals to 12 in the third term to take a handy lead into the final change. The Blaze stuck with the same line-up for the whole match allowing each player to play their role to their maximum capacity while ensuring that the connections down the court were strong. The Falcons could simply capitalise in front of goal finishing at 72 per cent accuracy compared to Blaze who shot at 95 per cent. Elizabeth Nicol and Sarah Hogan were unstoppable in the goal circle using every inch to drive and sweep across and cause headaches for Sarah Szczykulski and Jacqui Newton. The ball placement from Blaze wing attack Ella Bayliss and centre Elle McDonald was impressive hitting the circle edge hard and delivering well weighted passes. The battle between Kaitlyn Black and Falcons goal shooter Jane Cook provided plenty of excitement with both attacking hard, while Maggie Lind and Molly Jovic were influential through the midcourt for City West.

Ariels (58) defeated Boroondara Express (54)

It was a tale of two halves with Boroondara Express owning the first half before the tables turned with last quarter flurry from the Ariels allowing them to clench victory. Both sides proved that accuracy was no issue with the Ariels sitting at 86 percent and Express at 89 per cent. The Ariels came out strong after half time to push out to a two goal margin before extending it to four at full time. Boroondara jumped out of the blocks early with their connections down court and vision on fire early to let go of passes and create scoring opportunities. Samantha Gooden and Stacey Gannon combined well in the goal circle setting up good screens and rotating through to provide the defenders something to think of. Rudi Ellis and Caitlyn Degaris proved to be a damaging combination in defence credit to their lean over the shot and ability to go out and hunt the ball but their efforts were not enough to stop the Ariels shooters. Isabelle Hodgson and Clare Vearing were damaging with ball in hand and under the post for Express, with Hodgson doing a wealth of work to feed the ball into her shooting partner while also putting up her fair share of shots. Defensively for Ariels, Jessica Maher and Jane Higgs were impressive reading the flight of the ball well and taking timely rebounds.

Melbourne University Lightning (49) defeated by Geelong Cougars (64)

The Geelong Cougars continued their march towards finals with another convincing win over Melbourne University Lightning who struggled to match the intensity and competitiveness of the Cougars. A 20-goal quarter from Geelong handed them a healthy lead at half-time before a big last quarter effort from the Lightning saw them cut the margin back but it was not enough to get within reach of the Cougars who dominated for most of the night. Julia Woolley and Bridgette Furphy were once again prolific under the post with the two growing in confidence each game and posing a dominant threat. Melissa Bragg, Victoria Honner, Jessica Standfield and Brooke Allan were all influential in defence for Geelong cutting off plenty of forward forays from Lightning and repelling the ball back down the court. It was not through a lack of trying though with Rebecca Winch and Mikaela Vaughan working tirelessly in the goal circle to post a handy total. Shae Brown also showed her versatility switching between wing attack, centre and goal attack in hope to provide that missing spark.

ANL: Semi-finals preview

WITH the semi-finals approaching we cast an eye over the match-ups with the top four all set to do battle. Victorian Fury and Canberra GIANTS face off first at the State Netball and Hockey Centre with the NSW Waratahs and Tasmanian Magpies following. All four sides have shown they have plenty of class and game changers if given the chance with the winner from both games going on to play in the grand final on Sunday.

Victorian Fury v. Canberra GIANTS

Last time they met the Fury had the last laugh with two convincing wins over the GIANTS in Round 1. But both sides have come a long way since then with their connections down the court developing.

Emma Ryde is the most prolific shooter in the competition posing a dominant threat for the GIANTS if they are unable to quell her influence under the post. Ryde averages 37 goals a match but can do much more damage while her imposing figure in the goal circle makes her an easy target to cite for Fury feeders. Her partnership with the likes of Sacha McDonald, Ruby Barkmeyer and Mikaela Vaughan will prove to be crucial up against the GIANTS if they want to surge ahead into the grand final. Defensively the Fury have some skilled players that can win ball back with Rudi Ellis and Jacqueline Newton able to apply good defensive pressure over the shot. Through the midcourt the likes of Kate Kelly-Oman and Elle McDonald work tirelessly to feed the ball into the circle and re-position in the attacking third to provide outlet passes.

The GIANTS should not be underestimated possessing some serious scoring power with the likes of Georgia Marshall, Amber Brophy and Angelina Frketic all able to turn a game on its head with their accuracy to post. The connection between Marshall and Frketic is second to none with the two finding good space and using their dynamic movement to open up space in the goal circle. Marshall is the leading goal scorer for the GIANTS with 421 goals for the season showcasing her ability to turn and shoot. Taylah Davies, Latika Tombs and Madeline Hay are all important players through the midcourt for the GIANTS credit to their ball speed and will have to be on their game to make the most of their opportunities across the court. Defensively the duo of Teigan O’Shannassay and Matilda McDonnell will have their work cut out for them against the likes of Ryde who uses her height and body positioning to her advantage. But the two work well together, rotating cleverly through the circle and applying strong pressure to confuse the space.

NSW Waratahs v. Tasmanian Magpies

Reigning premiers, the Tasmanian Magpies will be hoping to go move through the semi-final stage and go back to back after claiming the premiership last season while the NSW Waratahs will be wanting to end those aspirations. In their previous encounter the Magpies went down narrowly to the Waratahs making for a close contest come the semi-final.

The Waratahs have some influential players right across the court with the likes of Sophie Halpin and Abbey McCulloch dominating in that wing defence position and providing good drive through the midcourt to help to propel the ball into attack. Both players are renowned for their tenacity and hands over pressure to win ball back for their side. Up the other end of the court there are plenty of options under the post with Matisse Letherbarrow, Sophie Dwyer, Alison Miller and Kelly Singleton all posing a threat under the post. Dwyer sits tenth on the ladder for goals scored with 226 with Letherbarrow and Miller hot on her tail with 179 and 171 respectively. All four shooters have shown that they can shoulder the load and post hefty totals to get the Waratahs over the line while the work of Elle Bennetts through the midcourt provides plenty of opportunities for the goalers.

The Magpies have been here before and know exactly what it takes to make it all the way. They have no shortage of star players across the court with the likes of Matilda Garrett available for selection. Fellow defenders Sharni Lambden, Zanna Jodlowska and Brooke Allen are key players for the Magpies given their ability to win ball back and nullify their opponents influence under the post. Through the midcourt the Magpies ooze some dynamic movers with the likes of Kelsie Rainbow and Vanessa Augustini. Both players hit the circle edge with pace and precision to continuously deliver the ball into the shooters under the post. Meanwhile, the partnership between Samantha Gooden and Jane Cook is formidable given their ability to score quickly and accurately. Cook sits second on the ladder for the number of goals scored just behind Ryde with 470 goals averaging 31 goals a game at 88 per cent making her a real threat of they can get the ball to her.

ANL Review: Round 7

WITH the final round of the Australian Netball League done and dusted the NSW Waratahs claimed top spot with Victorian Fury also imposing themselves at the top of table. Cellar dwellers Queensland Fusion failed to make a splash this season while the Southern Force and Western Sting only managed four wins for the season.

Western Sting (57) defeated Southern Force (47)

Though the Western Sting did not hold the lead from the get go they worked hard to turn the tables and build their own winning margin. The Southern Force jumped out to a two-goal lead at quarter time credit to the work of Maisie Nankivell around the circle edge to feed into the likes of Asha Thurlow and Cody Lange. A big 17 goal effort in the second quarter helped to set them up for the rest of the game and claim some momentum and control over the match. Both sides finished the game with a shooting average of 83 per cent with the main difference the number of attempts with the Sting putting up 12 more (69-57). As the game went on, the Force brought on Lucy Austin who impressed under the post with 20 goals from 23 attempts at 87 per cent. For the Sting, Emma Cosh and Sloan Burton worked well in the goal circle setting up good screens and making their presence felt on the scoreboard. Burton top scored with 39 goals from 45 attempts at 87 percent.

NSW Waratahs (49) defeated Canberra GIANTS (48)

After a hot start the Canberra GIANTS fought their way back into the contest against the NSW Waratahs. NSW jumped out to a big lead early on, scoring a whopping 19 goals to 10 in the first term and keeping that momentum up until a last quarter flurry from the GIANTS sent shockwaves through the side. The Waratahs had no issues ringing the changes in the goal circle with Alison Miller and Amorangi Malesale both getting a run with a combined seven shots. Meanwhile Kelly Singleton and Sophie Dwyer were prolific under the post with Dwyer highlighting her shooting prowess with 26 goals from 32 attempts. Through the midcourt Claire O’Brien and Tayla Fraser worked tirelessly to work the ball down the court and get into good feeding position while Abbey McCulloch showed her experience and class in at wing defence. The GIANTS are yet to provide statistics and a team list.

Queensland Fusion (52) defeated by Victorian Fury (58)

The Victorian Fury dominated in the first quarter to push out to a six-goal lead but the Fusion worked tirelessly to stay in the hunt. A 16 goal second quarter saw the Fusion get back within five goals at half time and continued to cut the margin down to four goals before a final quarter blitz from the Fury ended those hopes. Emma Ryde was prolific under the post once again using her height and reach to out body her opponents, finishing the game with 37 goals. Out the front in goal attack, Sacha McDonald and Ruby Barkmeyer applied scoreboard pressure and highlighted their accuracy to post for the Fury. For the Fusion, Macy Gardner and Jada Gafa worked hard through the midcourt to hit the circle edge and feed into the likes of Amy Sommerville and Rylie Holland. Holland top scored with 39 goals from 45 attempts with the goal shooter doing the most damage in the second quarter with 14 goals.

Territory Storm (63) defeated Tasmanian Magpies (60)

At the University of Sunshine Coast the Territory Storm claimed an upset win over the Tasmanian Magpies. It was a tight tussle with the Storm pushing out to a commanding lead but the Magpies continuously chipped away at the lead to fall agonisingly short by three goals. The Storm shooters capitalised on their opportunities in the second quarter with Cara Koenen and Binnian Hunt both sitting at 100 per cent shooting 10 and six goals respectively. Koenen’s accuracy to post continued throughout the match with 42 from 47 at 90 per cent showcasing her ability to break open a game with her timing and range. Annika Lee-Jones was important down in defence working with Sienna Allen and Sarahpheinna Woulf to limit the impact of the Magpies shooters. A couple of different combinations were tried out in the goal circle for Tasmania with Zoe Claridge showcasing her hot hand with 16 from 20 at 80 percent. Tried and tested duo Jane Cook and Samantha Gooden also played their role in attack with Gooden making the most of her opportunities at 84 percent.

Western Sting (47) defeated Southern Force (45)

It was a close encounter between the Western Sting and Southern Force with a mere two goals separating the sides in the end. The Southern Force worked their way back into the game to stay in touch with the Sting after they edged out to a four-goal lead heading into the quarter time break. Sunday Aryang and Olivia Lewis applied some strong pressure early on in the game to limit the ease of entry into the goal circle. But as the connection between Charlee Hodges and Lange grew they released the ball with confidence and looked to post more regularly. Hodges finished with 18 goals from 23 attempts while the work of Nankivell and Tayla Williams out the front was impressive. Goal keeper Kate Shimmin also showcased her defensive skill and aerial ability up against Sting shooters Kaylia Stanton and Burton. Stanton led all comers with 22 goals while Cosh showed her versatility switching between wing attack and goal attack. Through the Stings midcourt Courtney Kruta and Jessica Eales rotated through centre and provided good run both offensive and defensive.

Territory Storm (44) defeated by Tasmanian Magpies (66)

The Magpies completely flipped the tables on their previous clash to claim a 22 point win over the Storm. Though Tasmania struggled with accuracy finishing the game at 70 per cent they proved that volume is no issue putting up 95 goal attempts compared to 62. They put out a solid four quarter effort to transition down the court with ease and precision. But it was a 21 goal to nine third quarter that really enabled the Magpies to surge ahead and put their foot down. Cook took control in the goal circle with 35 goals but only managed 69 per cent shooting accuracy. Defensively Melissa Bragg, Brooke Allen, Zanna Jodlowska and Sharni Lambden all worked overtime to confuse the space and cherry pick any errant passes to try and nullify Lucinda Benjamin and Hunt. Benjamin threw her weight around with 31 goals while Chanel Dyer used her netball smarts to get into damaging feeding positions.

Queensland Fusion (49) defeated by Victorian Fury (59)

It was relatively close to start off with as the Fury held a three-goal lead at quarter time before they put the foot down and broke away to create a 12-goal deficit heading into the main break. Fusion tried hard to work their way back into the game but it was too far gone as the Fury stuck to their structures and capitalised under the post. Ryde continued her dominance under the post with 41 goals while Rudi Ellis and Jacqueline Newton worked hard in defence to confuse and clog up the space. Mia Stower made her presence felt for the Fusion on the scoreboard with the goaler converting 12 from her 16 attempts. Maddison Hinchliffe was solid through the midcourt with Laura Clemesha also working hard in defence to win the ball back with her hands over pressure and clever footwork.

NSW Waratahs (66) defeated Canberra GIANTS (27)

The Waratahs and Canberra GIANTS had a relatively even start until NSW kicked into gear and went on a scoring rampage in the third term. The main difference proved to be the volume of shots with the Waratahs simply outscoring them and transitioning down the court with pace and ease. The GIANTS had no answers only managing three goals in the third term while the Waratahs piled on a whopping 17 goals showcasing both their defensive and offensive prowess. Miller was simply unstoppable under the post with 43 goals at 90 per cent. Defensively they were just as impressive with Clare Iongi and Laura Rodger applying good strong hands over pressure and reducing Angelina Frketic’s dominance in the goal circle. Sophie Halpin and Madeline Hay also played her role in wing defence limiting the impact of Taylah Davies around the circle edge. Teigan O’Shannassy and Matilda McDonnell were outplayed by their opposition in defence but worked tirelessly to try and win ball back for the GIANTS.

ANL Review: Round 6

WITH the finals quickly approaching each team is pulling out all the stops in hope to feature late in the season. The Victorian Fury edged further ahead on top of the ladder while the New South Wales (NSW) Waratahs continued to stamp their authority on the competition with a couple of convincing wins.

Territory Storm (59) defeated Southern Force (55)

The Territory Storm claimed their third win of the season after an impressive effort right across the court. It was neck and neck early on with the Storm holding a one goal lead before surging ahead to maintain a four goal buffer for the majority of the match. Though the Storm’s shooting accuracy was down sitting at 76 per cent compared to the Force at 86 per cent their avenue to goal was easier and volume was higher with 14 more attempts. Storm goal shooter, Lucinda Benjamin proved to be the difference between the two sides with her presence in the goal circle wreaking havoc slotting 44 from 56 at 79 per cent. Her partnership with Binnian Hunt was also important in helping to get the scoreboard ticking over. Up the other end the Force shooters shared the load between them more evenly with Lucy Austin showcasing her dominance under the post with 35 goals from 40 attempts while Jacoba Clough made her presence felt on the scoreboard nailing 20 goals. Defensively, Vivian Jordan and Chelsea Blackman worked tirelessly with their connection on show throughout the match.

Queensland Fusion (50) defeated by NSW Waratahs (65)

The NSW Waratahs much like their Suncorp Super Netball counterparts stamped their authority on the competition with a convincing 15 goal win over the Queensland Fusion. It was a tight opening half with only one goal separating the two at half time before the Waratahs took off in the third quarter to push out to a six goal buffer before putting on the afterburners and piling on 19 goals to 10 in the fourth. Waratahs shooter Sophie Dwyer was unstoppable finding the net with ease time and time again converting 41 of her 48 attempts. Meanwhile the work of Alison Miller and Kelly Singleton did not go unnoticed with the two goalers making the most of their opportunities under the post only missing three goals between them. Tayla Fraser and Elle Bennetts attacked the circle edge with ease and precision. While for the Fusion Rylie Holland was the leading goal scorer nailing 11 straight in the opening term to finish with 28 from 33 starved of opportunity later in the match credit to the defensive pressure of Clare Iongi and Nicole Styles. Mia Stower was important in attack for the Fusion scoring 19 goals while Macy Gardner was clever with ball in hand.

Western Sting (44) defeated by Canberra GIANTS (51)

It was a hot start from the GIANTS skipping out to an early lead against the Western Sting. The Sting were held to just nine goals in the opening term while the GIANTS streamed ahead extending the lead. The GIANTS were composed in attack and capitalised on their opportunities under the post finishing the match with a combined 93 per cent shooting accuracy compared to 84 percent. Angelina Frketic was impressive under the post with her composure and ability to turn and shoot only missing one shot for the game with 20 from 21 at 96 per cent. Her combination with Georgia Marshall in the goal circle was solid once again finding each other under the post and highlighting her shooting ability with 31 goals from 34 attempts. Taylah Davies and Latika Tombs were important in attack for the GIANTS feeding the ball into Frketic and Marshall while defensively Madeline Hay did a wealth of work to stop the influence of Sting wing attack Emma Cosh to hit the circle edge. Georgia Pitt was the go to girl for the Sting in the circle with 15 goals while Sloan Burton was equally impressive in the circle. Sunday Aryang and Jessica Penny worked hard in defence but it was not enough to stop the GIANTS.

Territory Storm (61) defeated Southern Force (46)

It was a dominant performance from the Storm who impressed with their slick ball movement, speed and precision under the post. They extended their lead at every break running out 15-goal victors. Peace Proscovia was dominant under the post in her half of netball converting 22 of her 23 attempts at a whopping 96 per cent. Fellow shooters Hunt and Benjamin also made their presence felt on the scoreboard finding the net with ease. Annika Lee-Jones was solid in defence for the Storm with her hands over pressure a real feature of her game. Through the midcourt Jacqui Russel and Stephanie O’Brien provided good leads into space. The Force shooters lacked accuracy at time with Cody Lange unable to capitalise under the post with 23 from 35 at 66 percent while Austin was the most accurate of the lot at 77 percent with 16 from 21. Veteran defender Kate Shimmin was instrumental down back working tirelessly to shut down her opposition shooter. Meanwhile Maisie Nankivell played her role in the centre applying good defensive and offensive pressure.

Western Sting (50) defeated by Canberra GIANTS (56)

The GIANTS made it two from two against the Western Sting with a six goal win. Canberra pushed out to an early lead with the clever ball movement and accuracy to post a real feature of their game nailing 17 goals to nine in the opening term. Credit to the Sting they worked their way back into the game winning turnover ball to reduce the 10 goal margin after half time. Pitt once again stood tall in the goal circle for the Sting with 32 from 38 while Alice Teague-Neeld managed six from seven attempts. She showed her versatility swapping between goal attack and wing attack throughout the match. Defensively the pressure was up from the Sting with Olivia Lewis and Shannon Eagland hunting every ball but it was not enough to quell the influence of the GIANTS shooters. Matilda McDonell and Teigan O’Shannassy showed their connection in defence rotating off their opponents and confusing the space well to win the ball back for the GIANTS.

Victorian Fury (65) defeated Tasmanian Magpies (41)

In their first clash of the round the Victorian Fury were victorious with a convincing win over the Tasmanian Magpies credit to some strong defensive pressure and ability to convert on turnovers. Fury held the lead for the entire match with the Magpies unable to match their intensity and hunt for the ball. It was a battle of the goal shooters in the first quarter with Emma Ryde and Jane Cook going toe to toe but in the end, it was Ryde that took home the chocolates with 40 from 46 at 87 percent. Sacha McDonald was also influential on the scoreboard for the Fury converting 18 from 19. Defensively Ellis Rudi and Jacqueline Newton worked well in the circle to reduce the influence of Cook, Samantha Gooden and Zoe Claridge. In the defensive end Melissa Bragg and Brooke Allen applied strong hands over pressure to try and clog up the space but it was to no avail with Ryde proving to be too big a target to stop.

Queensland Fusion (54) defeated by NSW Waratahs (64)

The NSW Waratahs claimed another solid win over the Queensland Fusion. It was a close contest in the first quarter with only two points separating either side at quarter time. But NSW built into the game with their transition play on display as the game went on along with their accuracy to post sitting at 96 percent compared to the Fusion’s 84. The Fusion got within four goals in the third quarter before the Waratahs pushed ahead to edge out any chance of them winning. Holland was important under the post top scoring for Queensland with 36 goals while Amy Sommerville showcased her ability to turn and shoot with 12 from 15 at 80 per cent. For the Waratahs, Dwyer was once again unstoppable in the circle showcasing her hot hand with 43 from 44. In wing defence Dakota Thomas was important credit to her three feet pressure and intent to cover her opponents every move while wing attack Claire O’Brien was instrumental in helping to feed the ball into the shooters tussling hard on circle edge to claim prime position.

Victorian Fury (54) defeated by Tasmanian Magpies (48)

It was a tight encounter in the opening half of netball with only one goal separating the two sides at half time. The Magpies looked strong and composed edging out to a three goal lead at three quarter time before the Fury came home strong in the final term piling on 18 goals to nine. Their quick ball movement and endurance prevailed out running the Magpies and allowing their structures to hold true when the game counted. Ryde was prolific for the Fury scoring 40 from 43 while Ine-Mari Venter also appeared for snippets throughout the game shooting three goals. Lara Dunkley showcased her versatility switching through centre, wing attack and wing defence while Jamaican defender Kadie-Ann Dehaney also made her presence felt thanks to her aerial ability. For the Magpies Gabby Sinclair showed her attacking prowess feeding the ball into her teammates while also putting up her fair share of shots with 22 from 31 at 77 per cent. Through the midcourt Kimiora Poi got a run using her speed to dice through opposition defence while Kelsie Rainbow also showcased her strength around the top of the circle.

ANL Review: Round 5

ROUND 5 of the Australian Netball League brought plenty of excitement with the first draw of the season and some narrow losses highlighting the closeness of the 2019 competition.

Netball NSW Waratahs (54) defeated Tasmanian Magpies (53)

It was a nail-biting encounter with the Waratahs narrowly edging the Magpies out to claim a one goal win. The Magpies held a narrow two-goal lead heading into the quarter time break with all three shooters sitting at 100 per cent before the Waratahs wrestled back the momentum in the second quarter to claim a one-goal buffer. As the game went on the Waratahs pushed further ahead to establish a four-goal lead but full credit to the Magpies they lifted their intensity in the final term to get back within one goal. It was a tight tussle throughout the match with the lead ebbing and flowing. NSW made multiple changes in the goal circle with Alison Miller, Kelly Singleton, Matisse Letherbarrow and Sophie Dwyer all relishing the court time. Dwyer showcased her hot hand under the post shooting at 100 per cent with 20 goals straight. Her shooting effort was rivalled by Magpies goaler Jane Cook who top scored for the game with 34 from 38 attempts at 90 per cent. Waratahs goal keeper Clare Iongi had her work cut out for her but worked tirelessly to try and quell the influence of Cook. Samantha Gooden also made her presence felt on the scoreboard with the Tasmanian goal attack nailing 15 of her 17 shots while she did a wealth of work out the front to help bring the ball down. Kelsie Rainbow and Vanessa Augustini were also important for the Magpies in their attacking third driving hard to the circle edge and delivering clever passes into the shooters.

Queensland Fusion (47) drew Western Sting (47)

Both sides could not be separated credit to their intensity and hunt for the ball. The Western Sting held the lead for the majority of the game until the Fusion came home strong in the last term to pile on 14 goals to the Sting’s eight. At each break the Sting extended their lead but were unable to run out a full four quarter performance. Western goal shooter Georgia Pitt was prolific under the post and proved to be the go to girl for the Sting credit to her accuracy and clever positioning converting 37 of her 43 attempts at 87 per cent. The work through the midcourt from Emma Cosh, Jessica Eales and Courtney Kruta was impressive with the trio working hard to move the ball down court and create a spark for their side. defensively Sunday Aryang also applied good hands over pressure to try and reduce the influence of her opposition. Rylie Holland continued her hot form with 35 goals from 41 attempts while Mia Stower also contributed with her eight goals for the match. Maddison Hinchliffe was crucial through the midcourt with her defensive pressure and ability to penetrate the circle. She rotated the wing defence bib with teammate Leah Middleton who made her presence felt in the defensive end with her hands over pressure.

Territory Storm (38) defeated by Victorian Fury (64)

The Victorian Fury showcased their class against the Territory Storm with their strong connections down the court. It was a close start with the Fury only holding a two goal lead before pulling away in the second quarter to establish a 10 goal lead. They piled on 18 goals to 10 in the second term and increased the defensive pressure to starve the scoring opportunities for the Storm. Defensively the likes of Kadie-Ann Dehaney and Jacqui Newton worked hard to win the ball and confuse the space for the Storm feeders. Dehaney’s hands over pressure and aerial ability also posed a threat for the Storm. Through the midcourt Lara Dunkley impressed once again with her speed, clever drives and netball nous to open up space for the Fury shooters. Ine-Mari Venter showcased her ability to turn and shoot with her good timing nailing 31 goals from 41 attempts while Emma Ryde also made her presence felt 16 from 19. Ugandan star shooter Peace Proscovia was a key cog in attack for the Storm leading the way with her 22 goals from 26 attempts at 85 per cent. She had a hot start nailing 10 from 11 before coming in and out of the game. Annika Lee-Jones posed a daunting prospect up the defensive end with her height and lean but it was not enough to stop the Fury.

Canberra GIANTS (50) defeated Southern Force (46)

It was a close encounter between the GIANTS and the Force with the lead chopping and changing throughout the contest. The GIANTS were down at three quarter time before an inspired effort saw them clench a four goal victory. Canberra were quick off the mark and accurate to post with both Angelina Frketic and Georgia Marshall both shooting at 100 per cent in the opening term with the first missed shot coming in the second term for Marshall. Southern Force shooter, Asha Thurlow lifted her intensity in the third quarter to become more available under the post and spark her side outscoring the GIANTS but they could not maintain the intensity. Thurlow finished with 34 from 41 while fellow shooters Cody Lange (five from eight) and Nyah Allen (six from seven) struggled to trouble the scoreboard as opposed to the GIANTS shooters who had a combined shooting accuracy of 91 per cent. Frketic finished with 16 from 18 while Marshall converted 34 of 37 shots. Madeline Hay and Latika Tombs were solid through the midcourt for the GIANTS applying good defensive and attacking pressure. Kate Shimmin worked hard to keep the Force in the game with her timely tips and hands over pressure.

Queensland Fusion (49) defeated by Western Sting (54)

The Western Sting learnt from their last meeting with the Fusion holding on to run out five goal victors. With both sides unable to be separated in their prior match the Western Sting maintained their pressure and composure with the Fusion falling away as the game went on. Holland was once again the key player for the Fusion in the goal circle scoring 34 goals from 38 attempts. Amy Sommerville was a real play maker in the attack end nailing nine goals. Defensively Laura Clemesha showcased her experience and clever footwork to get around the body of her opponent but it was not enough to stop the Sting shooters. Pitt was impressive again under the post with 24 from 26 while Alice Teague-Neeld managed to hit the scoreboard putting up 11 goals. Down back for the Sting youngster Olivia Lewis was impressive using her feet and read of the play to disrupt the attack of the Fusion while Shannon Eagland showcased her experience and composure to get hands to ball.

Netball NSW Waratahs (50) defeated Tasmanian Magpies (46)

The NSW Waratahs made it two from two against the Magpies with their intensity and scoring ability on show throughout the match. Tasmania pushed out to a two goal lead heading into quarter time but the tables quickly turned with Waratahs firing back to post 13 goals in the second term. Down on their usual shooting accuracy NSW took full advantage under the post finishing the game at 87 per cent compared to 72. Dwyer was once again dominant under the post only missing one goal for the game with 39 from 40 at 98 per cent. Midcourters Kristen Kessler and Elle Bennetts found good feeding position on the circle edge to deliver into the shooters. For the Magpies Gooden struggled to capitalise under the post with 19 from 29 while Zoe Claridge also chipped in with six goals. Defensively, Sharni Lambden, Zanna Jodlowska and Brooke Allen all imposed themselves on the contest for the Magpies trying to win the ball back for their side but it was to no avail.

Canberra GIANTS (44) defeated Southern Force (42)

The GIANTS and Southern Force played out another close game with Canberra nudging out the Force by two goals. The Southern Force had all the momentum in the opening half skipping out to a six goal lead at the main break credit to their clever play and transition down the court. But the GIANTS worked their way back into the game with a big second half outscoring their opponents 25-19. Marshall was unstoppable in the goal circle with 31 goals while Madeline Eaton pulled her weight under the post with 11 goals from 17 attempts. Goal keeper, Kara Ellen Styles applied good defensive pressure over the shot and worked hard to push her opposition up high. There are currently no statistics or information recorded for the Southern Force.

Territory Storm (43) defeated by Victorian Fury (70)

The Victorian Fury put on a dominant display to assert their authority on the competition claiming a 27-goal victory over the Territory Storm who struggled to combat the defensive and attacking pressure the Fury applied. They came out hot from the get go with their slick ball movement, transition down the court and patience to let go of the right pass. The Fury piled on 17 goals to eight in the first term and did not look back with Ryde posting 27 goals from 36 attempts. Fellow goaler Ruby Barkmeyer was impressive under the post finding good space and capitalising on her opportunities to finish with 20 from 22 while Uneeq Palavi and Mikaela Vaughan also contributed to the scoreboard. Lucinda Benjamin was the leading goal scorer for the Storm credit to her ability to turn and shoot along with her clever positioning in the circle converting 29 goals from 36 attempts. The Storm rung in the changes in the defence end with Sienna Allen, Shay Maloney, Ashlee Unie and Lily-May Catling all rotating through in hope to stop the dominance of the Fury to post.