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Elle McDonald ready for the next step

A NEW addition to the Melbourne Vixens ranks in 2020, training partner Elle McDonald has had an explosive past year, selected for the 2019 Vic Fury squad in the Australian Netball League (ANL) and subsequently getting the call up to the Vixens for the 2020 Suncorp Super Netball season.

McDonald has not followed the typical state talent pathway, instead working her way up the ranks through the Victorian Netball League (VNL), honing her craft through the Under-19s to division one and then championship, winning a premiership with North East Blaze in 2017. 

“When I was younger I didn’t go through the state teams pathway that most of the other athletes would have but I was really lucky to still be playing in the VNL. And I thought I’d just work my way through the Under 19 Division and then was aiming for playing in that championship team and then once I was playing that championship team I was, you know, always trying to do the best I can,” McDonald said. “From there, I kept pushing myself and was lucky enough to be named in the team of the year for the last two years, I think, so I’ve just always been trying to improve myself and go one step further.”

The speedy midcourter has no issue traversing the court, able to ply her trade in both centre and wing attack, using her speed off the mark to enter the contest and be a real workhorse in attack.

“Last year I was really lucky to be asked to play in the ANL with Vic Fury, and win the Premiership with them too … I’ve loved every minute of it and it’s been challenging, of course, I’ve had my setbacks like many other people but in a way it just made me work harder and stronger and become a better player.”

But what should have been an exciting start to the year with Super Netball coming up, has been put on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with teams having to switch out regular face-to-face training for backyard workouts and video meetings.

“Yeah, it’s been challenging, but also good I think. Obviously having to train by yourself is very different, especially being used to a team sport and really supporting each other through tough training sessions and things like that,” McDonald said. “I think we’ve been very accountable, and we knew how important it was to maintain our fitness levels during isolation so we can come back as strong as possible when we were allowed to.”

Despite the challenge of taking on her first season of elite training at home, McDonald said that the team was able to conduct virtual training sessions via Zoom.

“I think we were lucky to try and squeeze in … things like that, to really get our feet moving, doing lots of footwork and ball skills against the wall or someone at home, if you had someone to pass with you occasionally, that was really helpful and I think for me, really important to try and keep up.”

That being said, the Vixens are back regularly training now meaning the midcourter can really work on those skills with a plethora of experienced players to learn off, with the likes of Liz Watson and Kate Moloney two prominent figures in the Vixens midcourt unit.

“Just being part of that environment is quite surreal sometimes but I think having role models like that to look up to and, as you said they’re so experienced, but they’re also just so encouraging and they’re really supportive of everyone.I think just being able to train alongside them and be challenged and challenge them is totally our role as a training partner and, yeah, as I said, it’s just such a good and professional environment to be a part of. I’ve been loving every minute of being part of the Vixens.”

McDonald said she is in the team to become the best player she can be, always pushing herself regardless of the level. While she has been exposed to elite pathways in the VNL and ANL along with the impressive coaching at that level, the midcourter says that the training environment with the Vixens is “amazing”.

“I just want to, you know, learn as much as I can from the coaches and the players that we have there … I’ve never had access to the facilities and the strength and conditioning coaches and programs that are put in place before, so I’m really just trying to make the most of it and just absorb as much as I can in that training environment.”

“I think we have been chosen as training partners for a reason. I think they obviously see some potential in us and we want to, you know, be the best we can,” McDonald said. “When you are going up against one of those experienced international players [you want to] to challenge them, because the more we challenge them the better we become as well.”

With significant breaks between seasons, many players pick up other fitness regimes and exercise to do away from the netball court. But for McDonald, mixed netball was a great way to keep up that match fitness and skill over the off-season, drawn to the speed and physicality of the game.

“I played mixed my last year of high school. I sort of was introduced to it and I just thought it would be fun, would get to play with a few of my friends and then I quickly realised just how talented some of the mens and mixed netballers were and how competitive that league was,” McDonald explained. “So to me, when the VNL season stopped, being able to play in the M-League competition was a really good opportunity.”

McDonald was part of the grand final winning Parkville Panthers in the 2019 Victorian M-League Mixed Premier Division, winning the female most valuable player award for the season. She said the physicality of the mixed competition helped improve her speed and ability to attack the ball strongly.

“I think it’s definitely improved my speed, just because I found like some of the boys, you know, they’re very athletic so being able to just turn and feed things quickly. As well as that, the physicality – just really having to claim that ball and pull in strong with two hands.”

While the 2020 ANL season will not go ahead, McDonald will hope to continue improving with the Vixens and prove herself among the main group, still able to play in the VNL this year. With the addition of rolling subs and the two goal Super Shot to the Super Netball season, the midcourter said that the Vixens are one of the teams in a good position with the wealth of talent at their disposal.

“I’m sure they [the Vixens] will adapt to whatever they need to, in a really positive way and I think if you look at the shooters in that team, you know, they’re very lucky to have some accurate long-bomb shooters.”

VIC M-League 2019: Mixed Premier Division Grand Final wrap – Parkville Panthers go back to back

THE Premier Mixed Division grand final saw plenty of intensity, action and push and shove between both Parkville Panthers and Geelong Cougars, with Parkville running out premiers for the second year running despite a strong effort from the Cougars. Two sides packed with Victorian talent, this match was one to watch regardless of the final score, and with plenty of players on their second grand final for the night the match was tight from the get-go, with fatigue sure to set in sooner rather than later after a rollercoaster Men’s Premier Division grand final directly prior

Parkville Panthers (55) defeated Geelong Cougars (39)

Though the end score suggests an uneven match, it was nothing of the sort with Parkville Panthers well and truly tested early by their counterparts. While the Panthers had the lead for majority of the match the Cougars ensured they kept on their toes, trailing by one goal throughout the first half before the Panthers managed to pull away in the third. Defensively, Geelong’s Luke Rawlings, Jake Noonan and Sarah Szczykulski could not be faulted early, causing mishaps and inaccuracy to post for the Panthers. Neither side looked after the ball early with disrupted ball flow from both teams and every player on court going hard into the contest. A feisty contest from the get-go saw Dylan Nexhip and Brayden Pastore (19 goals) go head to head for the  second time that night, with Nexhip and fellow defender Georgette Paatsch double teaming Pastore and Julia Woolley (15 goals) to deny any easy access to ball in the circle. 

The second quarter continued much the same while the tenacity on court hit another level as the scores remained relatively level. Geelong wing defence, Laura Giles had the upper hand in the second term over speedy Elle McDonald in wing attack, cutting off strong drives, applying great hands-over pressure and sticking like glue around circle edge. While both sides continued to fight for every ball, Panthers brought back some classy play thanks to the constant drives and second efforts from grand final MVP Brodie Roberts (32 goals) in at goal attack, aided by Riley Richardson’s ability to come off the body and take up loose ball. The game was not over, however, with Geelong continuing to play hard and Noonan rotating through where required, switching from goal defence to centre to add an extra burst of speed through the midcourt alongside Vanessa Augustini who played out a consistent four quarters with speed, strength and game smarts to boot. 

The third quarter saw Panthers switch it on, shooting 14 goals to six to pull ahead to a lead they ultimately maintained for the rest of the match. That being said, the amount of pressure piled on from Geelong defensively was palpable with the Panthers’ ball skills spot on until they reached the goal circle, faltering and wasting precious ball before winning it back through the midcourt. Uneeq Palavi and Roberts worked well in tandem despite constant pressure in the circle, before Amy Starzer took the court in goal shooter to provide some versatility in her movement. While Woolley kept up her strong movement and Pastore used his speed to find plenty of ball, the defensive pressure from Paatsch, Nexhip and wing defence, Casey Adamson saw the Cougars pair struggle to continue their early form and Pastore subbed off late in the quarter before returning for the final minute of the match. 

While the Panthers were unable to settle in the third they well and truly ran away with it in the final quarter, shooting 16 goals to nine in a dominant display. Despite efforts from Rawlings, reaction time on point for intercepts all across the court and more missed opportunities from Parkville, the Cougars were unable to fight their way back into contention and ultimately went down by 16 goals in a final quarter that definitely was not indicative of the overall match quality. 

Grand Final MVP: Brodie Roberts (Parkville Panthers)

Season MVP: Brodie Roberts (Parkville Panthers, 23 votes)
Female Season MVP: Elle McDonald (Parkville Panthers, 13 votes)
Runner up: Brayden Pastore (Geelong Cougars, 14 votes)
Third: Alastair Punshon (Valley Wolves, 13 votes)
Fourth: Elle McDonald (Parkville Panthers, 13 votes)
Fifth: Riley Richardson (Parkville Panthers, 12 votes)

VIC M-League 2019: Mixed Premier/Div 1 League preview – Grand Final

BOTH mixed M-League grand finals are set to be big ones with two undefeated sides heading into the final match for the season as favourites in their respective divisions. Geelong Cougars come in as the underdogs but had an unprecedented week off last week so are sure to take it to Parkville Panthers while Ariels Mixed managed a close win last week but do not have a great record against Fitzroy Phoenix this season. With both matches played side by side on courts one and two, the mixed grand finals are sure to impress.

Vic M-League 2019
Mixed Premier Division – Grand Final

Parkville Panthers v. Geelong Cougars

Parkville Panthers have a real opportunity to go back-to-back this week as they enter their second grand final in as many seasons. Panthers finished at the top of the ladder and will have plenty of confidence on their side thanks to two wins over Geelong this season. Geelong come into this match after a week off and with some great coaching minds among the side this could be a massive boost, given the side had a good chance to watch their opposition in action last week and not only pick up on moves but formulate some plays to use against the Panthers. It will be a real battle of shooting lineups with both teams boasting plenty of accuracy and speed down to circle edge, with the likes of Geelong’s Brayden Pastore and Julia Woolley able to create an even share of shots thanks to the feeding skills of Vanessa Augustini, Jake Noonan and Allie Smith, all of whom can rotate through the midcourt where required. While Geelong flourish with consistency to post, Panthers have the ability to switch it up in the circle with Uneeq Palavi, Brodie Roberts, Corey Nexhip and Amy Starzer all able to impact the contest. Key defenders, Sarah Szczykulski and Luke Rawlings have created a formidable defence-line this season but with Rawlings having been out of the side in recent weeks it will be interesting to see whether he makes a return or Jake Dambrauskas takes the court. For Panthers, Dylan Nexhip had his timing down to a ‘T’ last week, playing out the match in goal keeper alongside Georgette Paatsch, with the pair combining well to create an impeccable defensive wall. Through the midcourt it will be an interesting tussle with Panthers’ Riley Richardson, Elle McDonald and Casey Adamson against Geelong’s impressive speed and feeds down the court. While Panthers won both battles this season, the Cougars came agonisingly close in their first match back in Round 2, going down by only four goals and proving that they have the ability to come out on top if they can deny precious ball down the court.

Vic M-League 2019
Mixed Div 1 – Grand Final

Fitzroy Phoenix v. Ariels Mixed

Fitzroy Phoenix are sure to come into this match with plenty of confidence, dominating all season and ultimately beating Ariels by solid margins both times they met this season, beating them by 32 goals in Round 1 and 15 in Round 10. Ariels will look to go one better again this time and at least reduce the margin once more. Phoenix had a great undefeated season in 2018 but fell at the final hurdle so will be keen to erase last season’s memories and put one final win on the board to end the season on the ultimate high.

VIC M-League 2019 –  Mixed Premier/Div 1 League preview: Semi-finals

The M-League mixed semi-finals are set to be a cracker, with eight teams across two divisions going head to head for a spot in the elusive grand final. With four 2018 grand finalists among their ranks and two reigning premiers in Parkville Panthers (Premier Division) and Melbourne Bucks Mixed (Division One), the four mixed matches across the two time slots are set to be massive clashes.

VIC M-League 2019
Mixed Premier Division – Semi-finals

Parkville Panthers (1) v. Valley Wolves (4)

Valley Wolves have their work cut out for them this week, taking on the undefeated Parkville Panthers. The two sides did battle twice this season with the Panthers running out supreme on both occasions, with impressive margins and scorelines to boot. Something that may work in both sides’ favour for different reasons is the Panthers’ Round 14 bye, with both sides able to take something out of that –  the Wolves could use this to their advantage with consistency across matches coming into the final, while the Panthers had the week off to regroup prior to the final. The Panthers goaling combination of Uneeq Palavi and Brodie Roberts has been impressive this season with the feeds of Elle McDonald and Riley Richardson providing ease of access to the goal circle and creating plenty of opportunities for their shooters while Joel Gosbell has also provided a solid option around the goal circle when required. Dylan Nexhip has been key defensively and will be once again this week when he takes on Wolves’ James Story, who has held onto the goal shooter bib for majority of the season thanks to his height and ability to work in tandem with Nat Billings and Monique Nagle in attack. Alastair Punshon is a massive threat in the Wolves side with an ability to rotate through just about any position on the court, able to have an impact anywhere he is required and making it difficult to pinpoint where he will play on any given day. Erin Jay is a stalwart option in defence, with her speed and timing key for the Wolves.

Geelong Cougars (2) v. Pasifika Sharks (3)

Expect a massive contest with two highly talented teams going head to head for the second spot in the grand final. While Geelong reigned supreme in both of their prior matches, the Sharks put up only one solid performance against the Cougars and that was back in Round 1. The Sharks had a difficult patch through the middle of the season with their second game against the Cougars laying smack bang in the middle in Round 10. The Sharks cannot be underestimated however, with key players swapping out of their typical positions last time they met the Cougars, namely Junior Levi who played out majority of the match in defence meaning the Cougars had little chance to practice how they would defend Levi at the post. The Cougars have plenty of talent stationed across the court, with key attacking duo, Brayden Pastore and Julia Woolley creating a force to be reckoned with on a consistent basis. Gerard Murphy, Luke Rawlings and Sarah Szczykulski are other key players down the court, all who play their role week in and week out and create plenty of turnover ball while they are at it. The Sharks have plenty of exciting players themselves however have not played in the past two rounds with a successive bye and forfeit to finish the season, meaning there may be a lack of consistency heading into this match against a side that has the ability to score well and score quickly. 

VIC M-League 2019
Mixed Division One – Semi-finals

Fitzroy Phoenix (1) v. Melbourne Bucks Mixed (4)

Another side that went undefeated throughout the home and away season, was the Fitzroy Phoenix and will look to continue their winning streak when they take on Melbourne Bucks who were lucky to make finals after dropping their last two matches of the season. The two sides went head to head back in Round 9 where the Phoenix came out on top by 25 goals meaning they have a real chance of going two from two unless the Bucks come out with a performance to remember. The Phoenix had another massive confidence-boosting win last week to finish the season on a high so will look to continue their fine form. The two sides played off in the 2018 Grand Final with Melbourne Bucks getting the chocolates making this a real interesting matchup given the Phoenix’ form this season.

Ariels Mixed (2) v. St Kilda Bullets (3)

Ariels Mixed had a slow start to the season but finished relatively well, only losing four games with their most recent loss against table-toppers, Fitzroy Phoenix back in October. St Kilda Bullets will be feeling confident coming into this matchup, after only going down by one goal in their last match against the Ariels back in Round 6. The Bullets only lost one more match than the Ariels and have won their past two matches so know that this match is achievable if they have a solid start. Both sides have a plethora of key players that can take it up to the competition and will be wanting to edge one step closer to the next phase of finals. 

VIC M-League 2019: Mixed Premier Division preview – Round 6

WITH a big top four matchup between Parkville Panthers and Eastside Sonics on Wednesday, it seems that the mostly even ladder could see some big change ups with results across the board that could change the competition during these early stages.

VIC M-League 2019
Mixed Premier Division – Round 6
7:00pm, 9:40pm

While the Sonics have a variety of options across the court, the reigning premiers have proved just too strong thus far with an unbeaten record and percentage to match. Sitting on two wins and two losses for the season so far, the Sonics will risk dropping down the ladder if results from matches further down the ladder don’t go their way. For the Sonics, Jesse Failla has been solid throughout the season down the midcourt, finding plenty of space around the court and attacking circle edge to create goaling opportunities. The shooting combination of David Coy and Beth Wilson has been great with the pair sharing the load to provide a threat with ball in hand all around the circle. For Parkville, it will be a matter of finding the form and consistency they had prior to the bye last week, with a smattering of VNL players in Elle McDonald, Uneeq Palavi and Casey Adamson all able to have an impact regardless of the amount of time they spend on court.

In other matches, DDNA face Valley Wolves while St Therese take on Pasifika Sharks and NNE Vipers have the tough challenge of Geelong Cougars. Meanwhile, Melbourne City Blackhawks have the bye.

VIC M-League 2019: Mixed Premier Division preview – Round 4

SIMILAR to the Men’s Premier Division, the Mixed Premier Division had a number of big names out of the side last round for the New Zealand Men’s Nationals. But while some sides struggled without dominant names on the court, other sides relished the opportunity to boost their ladder percentage and chances with six of the nine teams moving positions on the ladder. After a disappointing loss last round the Pasifika Sharks have a bye this week to re-energise ahead of Round 5.

VIC M-League 2019
Mixed Premier Division – Round 4
8:20pm, 9:40pm

The big match for Round 4 will pit first and second against each other, with Parkville Panthers and Valley Wolves facing off. Both sides are as yet undefeated with plenty left in the tank, though the Wolves have played one less game which could work against them against the well-gelled Panthers. It could be a real battle of the goalers in this match, with Nat Billings in goal attack for the Wolves while the Panthers have a shooter-rich side with a number of players able to rotate through when required. Defensively, Georgette Paatsch, Erin Jay and Alastair Punshon have plenty to offer to their respective sides, finding plenty of turnover ball despite the height and athleticism of their opposition. The midcourt battle will be the true indicator in this match however, with VNL and ANL players the likes of Elle McDonald and Casey Adamson taking the court for Parkville as well as speedster Riley Richardson.

In other games, plenty of ladder topping positions could change again this round with fourth placed Geelong Cougars hoping to bounce back with a win over fifth ranked DDNA, who are coming into Round 4 off the back of a confidence-boosting victory last week. Meanwhile, winless NNE Vipers hope for a sniff at victory when they take on Melbourne City Blackhawks in seventh while Eastside Sonics will want to boost their percentage against eighth placed St Therese in order to maintain third on the ladder.

VIC M-League 2019: Mixed Premier Division wrap – Round 2

ONLY one side still sits undefeated after Round 2 of Mixed Premier Division, with Parkville Panthers narrowly defeating Geelong Cougars (50-54) to retain top spot and three of the four matches finishing in close margins. Eastside Sonics mounted a massive comeback against the Valley Wolves after trailing at every break, missing a shot on the siren to go down by one goal (47-48). In other games, Melbourne City Blackhawks went down to DDNA by six goals, sitting neck and neck for majority of the match except for a disappointing third quarter that saw DDNA shoot 19 goals to Blackhawks’ six, while Pasifika Sharks dominated against NNE Vipers (63-37).

It was a see-sawing affair between Parkville Panthers and Geelong Cougars, with both sides finding some good form early before the Panthers built to an 11-goal lead by half-time. Despite losing the third term, Geelong was unwilling to give up, shooting 17 goals to eight in the final quarter to only go down by four goals. Both sides had a smattering of Victorian Netball League (VNL) players making for a tight contest, with Elle McDonald leading the charge in wing attack for Parkville, feeding seamlessly into teammate Uneeq Palavi who paired well with a combination of Corey Nexhip and Brodie Roberts. Defensively, Parkville applied phenomenal pressure both inside and outside the circle, with Riley Richardson putting on a deflections clinic on the circle edge. For Geelong, Julia Woolley once again proved her ability to create play in the circle, both putting goals up and threading bullet passes to Brayden Pastore in goal shooter, whose footwork, vision and timing proved crucial in the final quarter. Meanwhile Gerard Murphy, Luke Marko Rawlings and Sarah Szczykulski combined well defensively, collecting plenty of turnovers and blocking vision in the second half to deny easy ball into the goal circle.

Pasifika Sharks (63) defeated NNE Vipers (37)
Geelong Cougars (50) defeated by Parkville Panthers (54)
Melbourne City Blackhawks (55) defeated by DDNA (61)
Eastside Saints (47) defeated by Valley Wolves (48)
Bye: St Therese

VIC M-League 2019: Mixed Premier Division preview – Round 2

ROUND 2 of the Victorian Men’s and Mixed Netball Association kicks off on Wednesday with the Valley Wolves set to take the court for the first time this season in the Mixed Premier Division. The uneven number of teams means one side will have a bye each week which could be both beneficial and detrimental given sides will struggle to build momentum. The newly established Pasifika Sharks will be looking to secure their first win, while DDNA will be hoping to make amends for a relatively disappointing performance last round.

VIC M-League 2019

Mixed Premier Division – Round 2



After a hard-fought effort last week, the Pasifika Sharks will be looking to go one better and notch up a win against the NNE Vipers who struggled last round. Led by Junior Levi, the Sharks will pose a dominant threat in the goal circle credit to his height and commanding presence while fellow goaler Cameron Powell is no mean feat given both his experience and class. The Geelong Cougars will be chomping at the bit ahead of their clash with reigning premiers Parkville Panthers. Both sides have both started the season in style with convincing wins and not shying away from the fight. Parkville have a plethora of stars with Vic Fury midcourt player Elle McDonald sure to cause havoc across the court. Meanwhile the Cougars have their fair share of game changes with Victorian Netball League premiership players Julia Woolley, Vanessa Augustini and Sarah Szczykulski not missing a beat.

St Therese fall victim to the bye in Round 2 while the Valley Wolves have had an extended break thanks to a bye in Round 1. The Wolves are set to face Eastside Sonic who claimed victory and will therefore be oozing plenty of confidence but will have to combat shooting sensation Nat Billings. Melbourne City Blackhawks and DDNA are set to do battle with the Blackhawks seeking to continue their winning form.

Pasifika Sharks v. NNE Vipers
Geelong Cougars v. Parkville Panthers
Melbourne City Blackhawks v. DDNA
Eastside Sonics v. Valley Wolves
St Therese bye

VIC M-League 2019: Mixed Premier Division preview – Round 1

WITH the Victorian Netball League done and dusted and the Suncorp Super League in its finals run over the next few weeks, all eyes turn to the Victorian Mens and Mixed Netball Association (VMMNA). 17 teams will compete across the two Premier League divisions on Wednesday evenings at the State Netball and Hockey Centre in Parkville, with matches taking place from the end of August and running through to finals in early December. An odd number of teams in this division makes for an interesting contest, with five of the nine teams having two byes while four have one bye apiece.

VIC M-League 2019
Mixed Premier Division – Round 1

Parkville Panthers are sure to be raring to go in Round 1 of M-League Mixed after finishing fourth last year and going all the way to win the premiership by a whopping 38 goals. They take on a fellow 2018 side in DDNA, who finished up last season in second but were knocked out of the semi-final by Valley Wolves. With both teams hosting a number of recognisable names, it will be interesting to see how much has changed over the midseason break.

In other games, Geelong Cougars will take on Pasifika Sharks, while St Therese take on Melbourne City Blackhawkd and NNE Vipers host Eastside Sonics. With five of the nine teams this season new to Mixed Premier Division, you can’t look past the opportunity to see how the new sides shape up against the likes of last year’s returnees in Parkville, DDNA, Valley Wolves and Eastside Sonics – regardless of their finishing position in 2018. Meanwhile, a number of Victorian Netball League (VNL) names will take the court now that the VNL season is done and dusted, with the likes of Vanessa Augustini, Shannon Blackman and Elle McDonald joining the fray.

Geelong Cougars v. Pasifika Sharks
DDNA v. Parkville Panthers
St Thereses v. Melbourne City Blackhawks
NNE Vipers v. Eastside Sonics
Bye: Valley Wolves

Victorian Netball League Awards

WITH the Victorian Netball League (VNL) season officially over there were plenty of award winners across all three divisions, along with a Team of the Year announced for the 19 and Under, Division One and Championship leagues.

19 and Under

Jasmine Mackie claimed the 19 and Under Hot Shot award for her efforts throughout the season. Mackie left her mark on the competition with her scoring ability on full display for the Peninsula Waves while Ellen Doyle took home the MVP for the same age group. Doyle was instrumental in the Geelong Cougars line-up with her accuracy to post and slick movement in the circle while her versatility across the court also impressed. She switched between defence and attack seamlessly, bringing down errant passes and propelling the ball back down the court. both Doyle and Mackie made their way into the Team of the Year credit to their impressive form and skill across the court.

19&U Team of the Year:

Ellen Doyle-Geelong Cougars
Jasmine Mackie- Peninsula Waves
Georgia Moody- Southern Saints
Daisy O’Kane-City West Falcons

Emma Allman- Boroondara Express
Keara Fitzgerald- North East Blaze
Sienna Kelly- Peninsula Waves
Emma Walters- City West Falcons

Ashlee Barnett- Peninsula Waves
Anna Donnelly- Southern Saints
Melissa Oloamanu- City West Falcons
Sophie Shoebridge- Geelong Cougars

Division 1

After a dominant first season in the VNL, Abigail Gedge claimed the Division One Hot Shot Award. She finished the season with a whopping 564 goals at 88 per cent and was a lynchpin in North-East Blaze’s attack end, holding strong and backing herself to post. Boroondara Express midcourter Maddy Wallmeyer won the MVP award for her impressive skill and dynamic movement across the court. She proved to be an integral player for Express throughout their finals campaign with her ability to hit the circle edge with pace and precision while delivering pinpoint passes into the goalers. They were among 12 players named in the Division One Team of the Year.

Division One Team of the Year:

Ruby Barkmeyer- Boroondara Express
Georgie Cuthbertson- Geelong Cougars
Abigail Gedge- North East Blaze
Daisy Hill- Hawks Netball

Samantha Coppinger- North East Blaze
Jasmine Ferguson- Hawks Netball
Georgia Finn- Geelong Cougars
Maddy Wallmeyer- Boroondara Express

Laura Giles- Geelong Cougars
Nakita Singe- North East Blaze
Tegan Stephenson- Boroondara Express
Ruby Tidd- North East Blaze


Libby Nicol notched up her third consecutive Hot Shot award, steering the ship for North East Blaze with her ability to control the tempo of the game in the attacking third. She was the key for Blaze in attack with her dynamic movement, strength, volume and sheer accuracy backing herself time and time again. She finished with a staggering 835 goals at 90 per cent highlighting her skill and rhythm in the goal circle. After an impressive finals performance and stellar 2019 season Julia Woolley was named the Championship MVP to cap off an already successful year. Woolley won the grand final with the Geelong Cougars showcasing her experience, skill and class both under the post and across the court.

Championship Team of the Year:

Libby Nicol- North East Blaze
Julia Woolley- Geelong Cougars
Emma Ryde- Casey Demons
Tahnysha Salanoa- City West Falcons

Molly Jovic- City West Falcons
Maggie Lind- City West Falcons
Elle McDonald-North East Blaze
Kaitlyn Sheringham- Geelong Cougars

Brooke Allan-Geelong Cougars
Kaitlyn Black- North East Blaze
Stephanie McNay- Southern Saints
Jacqui Newton- City West Falcons