SSN Head to Head: Round 12

IN each round we will identify one key match-up, provide an in-depth analysis of both players and compare the two styles.


Katrina Rore (WD) v. Liz Watson (WA)

Both teams are on the final stretch before finals and will want to iron out all the creases before the end of the season. The Swifts will be looking to add another win to their column while the Vixens will be hoping to keep that winning momentum running.

New addition to the Swifts, Katrina Rore has been thrown into the deep end coming in as a permanent replacement player for Kate Eddy. The talented Silver Ferns defender oozes class, composure and skill right across the court making her a great acquisition for the club. Rore is versatile credit to her experience and netball knowledge while her long reach and quick feet can cause havoc across the court. Although her defensive work is impressive with her ability to get hands to ball, take big intercepts and force turnovers, her ability to get up the court and help through transition is equally as important providing a good release for the Swifts. She can deliver pin point passes into the circle thanks to her impressive vision and skill while regaining possession for her side. Fresh off a gold medal win Rore will be full of confidence and belief, making her hard to stop and a vital member of the Swifts side.

Melbourne Vixens wing attack Liz Watson is no stranger to the big stage and this game will be no different. Watson is strong around the circle edge and uses her clever footwork to hold off opponents and feed into Caitlin Thwaites and Tegan Philip. Watson is not afraid to do the unthinkable and exploit tiny spaces, making her unstoppable when on song. Her ability to find the circle edge and change up delivery into the circle while also using bursts of speed to create plays in the attacking third is second to none, making her an integral player for the Vixens. Watson’s second phase work is crucial for the Vixens attack while she does a wealth of work to transition the ball down the court with precision.

Neither player is afraid of a contest, going hard at every ball and working tirelessly to re-offer for their teammates. Given their experience and class if one or the other can get on top early it will go a long way in helping to set up their team for victory. Rore must cover every cut, drive and dodge from Watson to try and clog up space and force the Vixens in a bunch if the Swifts are to get over the line while Watson must deny Rore the space to drive through the middle and be that release player for the Swifts.

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