ANL Review: Round 5

ROUND 5 of the Australian Netball League brought plenty of excitement with the first draw of the season and some narrow losses highlighting the closeness of the 2019 competition.

Netball NSW Waratahs (54) defeated Tasmanian Magpies (53)

It was a nail-biting encounter with the Waratahs narrowly edging the Magpies out to claim a one goal win. The Magpies held a narrow two-goal lead heading into the quarter time break with all three shooters sitting at 100 per cent before the Waratahs wrestled back the momentum in the second quarter to claim a one-goal buffer. As the game went on the Waratahs pushed further ahead to establish a four-goal lead but full credit to the Magpies they lifted their intensity in the final term to get back within one goal. It was a tight tussle throughout the match with the lead ebbing and flowing. NSW made multiple changes in the goal circle with Alison Miller, Kelly Singleton, Matisse Letherbarrow and Sophie Dwyer all relishing the court time. Dwyer showcased her hot hand under the post shooting at 100 per cent with 20 goals straight. Her shooting effort was rivalled by Magpies goaler Jane Cook who top scored for the game with 34 from 38 attempts at 90 per cent. Waratahs goal keeper Clare Iongi had her work cut out for her but worked tirelessly to try and quell the influence of Cook. Samantha Gooden also made her presence felt on the scoreboard with the Tasmanian goal attack nailing 15 of her 17 shots while she did a wealth of work out the front to help bring the ball down. Kelsie Rainbow and Vanessa Augustini were also important for the Magpies in their attacking third driving hard to the circle edge and delivering clever passes into the shooters.

Queensland Fusion (47) drew Western Sting (47)

Both sides could not be separated credit to their intensity and hunt for the ball. The Western Sting held the lead for the majority of the game until the Fusion came home strong in the last term to pile on 14 goals to the Sting’s eight. At each break the Sting extended their lead but were unable to run out a full four quarter performance. Western goal shooter Georgia Pitt was prolific under the post and proved to be the go to girl for the Sting credit to her accuracy and clever positioning converting 37 of her 43 attempts at 87 per cent. The work through the midcourt from Emma Cosh, Jessica Eales and Courtney Kruta was impressive with the trio working hard to move the ball down court and create a spark for their side. defensively Sunday Aryang also applied good hands over pressure to try and reduce the influence of her opposition. Rylie Holland continued her hot form with 35 goals from 41 attempts while Mia Stower also contributed with her eight goals for the match. Maddison Hinchliffe was crucial through the midcourt with her defensive pressure and ability to penetrate the circle. She rotated the wing defence bib with teammate Leah Middleton who made her presence felt in the defensive end with her hands over pressure.

Territory Storm (38) defeated by Victorian Fury (64)

The Victorian Fury showcased their class against the Territory Storm with their strong connections down the court. It was a close start with the Fury only holding a two goal lead before pulling away in the second quarter to establish a 10 goal lead. They piled on 18 goals to 10 in the second term and increased the defensive pressure to starve the scoring opportunities for the Storm. Defensively the likes of Kadie-Ann Dehaney and Jacqui Newton worked hard to win the ball and confuse the space for the Storm feeders. Dehaney’s hands over pressure and aerial ability also posed a threat for the Storm. Through the midcourt Lara Dunkley impressed once again with her speed, clever drives and netball nous to open up space for the Fury shooters. Ine-Mari Venter showcased her ability to turn and shoot with her good timing nailing 31 goals from 41 attempts while Emma Ryde also made her presence felt 16 from 19. Ugandan star shooter Peace Proscovia was a key cog in attack for the Storm leading the way with her 22 goals from 26 attempts at 85 per cent. She had a hot start nailing 10 from 11 before coming in and out of the game. Annika Lee-Jones posed a daunting prospect up the defensive end with her height and lean but it was not enough to stop the Fury.

Canberra GIANTS (50) defeated Southern Force (46)

It was a close encounter between the GIANTS and the Force with the lead chopping and changing throughout the contest. The GIANTS were down at three quarter time before an inspired effort saw them clench a four goal victory. Canberra were quick off the mark and accurate to post with both Angelina Frketic and Georgia Marshall both shooting at 100 per cent in the opening term with the first missed shot coming in the second term for Marshall. Southern Force shooter, Asha Thurlow lifted her intensity in the third quarter to become more available under the post and spark her side outscoring the GIANTS but they could not maintain the intensity. Thurlow finished with 34 from 41 while fellow shooters Cody Lange (five from eight) and Nyah Allen (six from seven) struggled to trouble the scoreboard as opposed to the GIANTS shooters who had a combined shooting accuracy of 91 per cent. Frketic finished with 16 from 18 while Marshall converted 34 of 37 shots. Madeline Hay and Latika Tombs were solid through the midcourt for the GIANTS applying good defensive and attacking pressure. Kate Shimmin worked hard to keep the Force in the game with her timely tips and hands over pressure.

Queensland Fusion (49) defeated by Western Sting (54)

The Western Sting learnt from their last meeting with the Fusion holding on to run out five goal victors. With both sides unable to be separated in their prior match the Western Sting maintained their pressure and composure with the Fusion falling away as the game went on. Holland was once again the key player for the Fusion in the goal circle scoring 34 goals from 38 attempts. Amy Sommerville was a real play maker in the attack end nailing nine goals. Defensively Laura Clemesha showcased her experience and clever footwork to get around the body of her opponent but it was not enough to stop the Sting shooters. Pitt was impressive again under the post with 24 from 26 while Alice Teague-Neeld managed to hit the scoreboard putting up 11 goals. Down back for the Sting youngster Olivia Lewis was impressive using her feet and read of the play to disrupt the attack of the Fusion while Shannon Eagland showcased her experience and composure to get hands to ball.

Netball NSW Waratahs (50) defeated Tasmanian Magpies (46)

The NSW Waratahs made it two from two against the Magpies with their intensity and scoring ability on show throughout the match. Tasmania pushed out to a two goal lead heading into quarter time but the tables quickly turned with Waratahs firing back to post 13 goals in the second term. Down on their usual shooting accuracy NSW took full advantage under the post finishing the game at 87 per cent compared to 72. Dwyer was once again dominant under the post only missing one goal for the game with 39 from 40 at 98 per cent. Midcourters Kristen Kessler and Elle Bennetts found good feeding position on the circle edge to deliver into the shooters. For the Magpies Gooden struggled to capitalise under the post with 19 from 29 while Zoe Claridge also chipped in with six goals. Defensively, Sharni Lambden, Zanna Jodlowska and Brooke Allen all imposed themselves on the contest for the Magpies trying to win the ball back for their side but it was to no avail.

Canberra GIANTS (44) defeated Southern Force (42)

The GIANTS and Southern Force played out another close game with Canberra nudging out the Force by two goals. The Southern Force had all the momentum in the opening half skipping out to a six goal lead at the main break credit to their clever play and transition down the court. But the GIANTS worked their way back into the game with a big second half outscoring their opponents 25-19. Marshall was unstoppable in the goal circle with 31 goals while Madeline Eaton pulled her weight under the post with 11 goals from 17 attempts. Goal keeper, Kara Ellen Styles applied good defensive pressure over the shot and worked hard to push her opposition up high. There are currently no statistics or information recorded for the Southern Force.

Territory Storm (43) defeated by Victorian Fury (70)

The Victorian Fury put on a dominant display to assert their authority on the competition claiming a 27-goal victory over the Territory Storm who struggled to combat the defensive and attacking pressure the Fury applied. They came out hot from the get go with their slick ball movement, transition down the court and patience to let go of the right pass. The Fury piled on 17 goals to eight in the first term and did not look back with Ryde posting 27 goals from 36 attempts. Fellow goaler Ruby Barkmeyer was impressive under the post finding good space and capitalising on her opportunities to finish with 20 from 22 while Uneeq Palavi and Mikaela Vaughan also contributed to the scoreboard. Lucinda Benjamin was the leading goal scorer for the Storm credit to her ability to turn and shoot along with her clever positioning in the circle converting 29 goals from 36 attempts. The Storm rung in the changes in the defence end with Sienna Allen, Shay Maloney, Ashlee Unie and Lily-May Catling all rotating through in hope to stop the dominance of the Fury to post.

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